Is Rolls-Royce Wraith an Ideal Vehicle?

In March 2013, the most powerful model from Rolls-Royce – Wraith made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Designers gave this model an elegant two-door fastback body with counter-opening doors and cute two-tone paint. The Wraith is not a perfect car. But it does make you wonder what is perfect, and in this article, we will find out why.


The body is assembled from steel sections to which steel panels are attached, machined by hand. This results in seamless joints, which are then hand sanded to a flawless smoothness. A total of 6,364 spot-welding operations are performed on the bodywork.

Rolls Royce

The exterior design of this British classic is instantly recognizable, with the front end lines familiar from its Ghost predecessor, and the profile and rear end looking sportier, but without losing the brand’s iconic steadiness. The two-tone body paint visually highlights the massive arches and hood, which is invariably the symbol of the “Spirit of Delight,” the legendary statuette of the goddess Nike. The axles are fitted with 20-inch aluminum wheels as standard and optional 21-inch wheels.


With a shorter coupe body, the car accommodates four full, separate seats. The exclusive interior, designed under the direction of Alan Sheppard, can be compared to the interior design of luxury yachts. The Wraith’s interior showcases luxury and sophistication, a blend of tradition and innovation. By the way, everyone may make up their own opinion about its’ interior, if you rent rent Rolls Royce Wraith in Dubai. The finest leather and wood Canadel panels with an interesting texture are combined here with the projection display on the windshield, voice control navigation and multimedia, adaptive headlights, and the system of opening the trunk without a key. By the way, the volume of the trunk is 470 liters.

Rolls Royce

To control the multimedia system with a 20.5 GB hard drive, Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller with a touch surface is used, perception of gestures used in smartphones, and handwriting recognition of letters. The audio system has 1,300 watts of power and has 18 speakers. To top it off, 1,340 fiber optic light sources on the ceiling simulate the starry sky. This is the first time this decoration is available on any Rolls-Royce outside of the Phantom family.

Steering and Suspension

While adapting the platform for the new model, Rolls-Royce engineers reconfigured the suspension to reduce body roll and make the steering response clearer. By the way, the suspension (front – double A-arms, rear – multi lever) works in conjunction with a smart four-point air system and electronic system of dynamic control characteristics of shock absorbers, changing their rigidity with a frequency of once in 2.5 milliseconds.


The V12 gasoline engine has a displacement of 6.6 liters and is equipped with two turbines. The 624 horsepower is enough to accelerate the car to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.6 seconds. Such power is supported by solid traction. The maximum torque is 800 Nm, available already from 1500 rpm. Maximum speed is limited by the electronics and is equal to 250 km/h. Wraith’s nameplate fuel consumption: 21.2; 9.8; 14.0 l/100 km (city, highway, combined).


A new Satellite Aided Transmission system debuts on the coupe. It uses satellite navigation data to predict what terrain and what type of track will appear in front of the car and chooses the optimal gear in advance in the eight-speed “automatic” ZF. Thus, in traffic circles, freeway junctions, and exits, the car is ready for everything in advance, also taking into account the current driving style of the driver.

Rolls Royce


In short, the Wraith is charming. It’s a bit of a hooligan, dashing, narrower embodiment of the essence of the RR. No, it is not a sports car, and you should not treat it as a sports car. Whatever characteristics it has. Think of it as a demonstration of confidence – both for the company and the owner. The Wraith isn’t afraid of competition, and it certainly won’t make excuses for anything. With his charisma and confidence, he attracts like a magnet. Like a powerful personality, not just a combination of metal and leather.

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