Jonathan Foley – Can B2B companies use social media marketing?

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As you already
know, social media marketing can deliver amazing results for B2B companies. Can
B2B companies also use this marketing method to increase their profits?

“Yes, they can but
most of the B2B companies don’t have a clear understanding of the power and
value of social media marketing. In fact, they believe that social media
marketing is something that is not related to them. This trend seems to be
changing along with time”. -WULF Marketing, CEO Jonathan Foley

From the recent
studies, it has been identified that most of the B2B companies are reducing the
marketing budgets on offline marketing. Instead, they have started investing
more and more money on online marketing. According to statistical information,
over 48% of B2B in today’s world are spending more money on online marketing
than offline marketing. The effectiveness of online marketing methods, such as
social media marketing has played a major role in the above-mentioned fact.

People in today’s
world are tired of marketing speeches and sales pitch. When they want to get
more information about a product or a business, they prefer to go online and
search for it. Most of them prefer to search on social media networks because
they can easily find real users who have used the product or knows about the
service better. This has contributed a lot towards the popularity of social
media networks as well.

Plenty of reasons
are available for the B2B companies in order to use social media networks in an
effective manner. Social media networks can be used to inform your consumers
about your company, its products and services. Since people in today’s world
prefer to spend more time online, it is one of the most effective marketing
methods available.

B2B companies will get the opportunity to introduce their
companies to thousands of users instantly with the help of social media
marketing. In addition, they will get the opportunity to establish long-lasting
relationships with consumers. Without social media marketing campaigns, they
might never be able to get to know about your company.

Social media
networks also lay an ideal platform for your B2B Company to network with other
companies around. You will be able to maintain quality relationships online and
share updates about your latest products or services instantly without much
hassle. The best thing about social media networks is their global reach. This
will assist companies to establish relationships with other partners from every
corner of the world.

According to
American entrepreneur Jonathan Foley, who is the CEO of WULF marketing and
resident of Niceville, Florida, A B2B Company can also use social media
networks to enable consumers to help other consumers, engage prospects through
consumer evangelism and tap into wisdom with the potential customers. 

the available features in social media networks can be used to share your
expertise and knowledge in an effective manner. Therefore, social media
networks can be considered as one of the precious resources available for B2B
in today’s world. The amounts spent on these online marketing campaigns can
deliver amazing results to B2B businesses in the long run.

Social media
networks can heavily contribute to your business success. Therefore, it is up
to you to take a look at these marketing methods and start using them. Then you
can receive outstanding results in the long run.

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