Keep Fit During Your Period – What are the Causes of Menstrual Pains?

Keep Fit During Your Period? Here are the causes and remedies!

Menstrual period

Many women face mild to severe menstrual pains during their periods. Several factors cause this pain. Women often wonder what the causes of these menstrual cramps are. When women experience their periods, they are most likely to face bloating, irritability and mild cramps. The above issues become a nuisance, and this again makes them moody. Most women also face heavy bleeding, crippling pain, and fatigue that affects their quality of life.

When do these pains start?

These mild to intense pains generally begins within the first 24 hours of your period. It stays for days. The symptoms of the pain include a constant and dull ache in the lower back or thighs. As a woman, you often suffer from cramps in the thighs and lower back. There can be a pain in your uterus as well when your periods are on. Some of the common symptoms of period pains are a headache, nausea, loose bowels and dizziness.

The reasons for period cramps?

There are many reasons for menstrual cycle cramps that are known as primary dysmenorrhea. The condition is caused due to the increased creation of prostaglandins- this causes the hormones created in the uterus to contract. When you face strong contractions in the uterus, the blood flow to the uterus ceases. The uterus does not get the oxygen it needs, and this results in the cycle of cramps and pain. Some studies show that women that suffer from menstrual cramps have stronger contractions over others when they give birth. In case you suffer from severe and chronic menstrual pain, you should consult qualified doctors in the field.

Many womens health and medical experts say that conditions like pelvic inflammation and endometriosis are associated with menstrual cramps. This results in infertility issues. This pelvic inflammation scars the fallopian tubes that increase the risks of having an ectopic pregnancy – where the fertilized egg implants are planted outside the uterus. Other risk factors cause period pains like intrauterine device, sexually transmitted diseases, and uterine fibroid tumors.

Home care treatments and supplements have the ability to reduce the pain

When it comes to period pains, there are home care treatments like diet supplements that can help you alleviate the pain. You may opt for supplements that contain magnesium or Omega 3 fatty acids to ease the pain. Relaxation and meditation also largely help you to eliminate period pain. There have been many women who have stated that the severity of their period pain has reduced with the help of meditation and relaxation exercises.

Quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol to reduce the pain

Medical experts also say that if you suffer from period pains, you should reduce alcohol and quit smoking. They reduce the pain to a large extent. Heat too is a good remedy to arrest body pain. You may use heating pads or take warm showers to ease the pain. Yoga too is effective to reduce menstrual cramps. Practice yoga every day, and you will experience a lot of physical and mental benefits as well.

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