Kim Anami’s Saucy Relationship Prescription: 3-Hour Sex Sessions

Kim Anami

When it comes to nookie, sex coach Kim Anami says people should be making time for it in their schedules the same way they schedule their Pilates sessions and doctor appointments. “I recommend couples to be having a minimum of sex three times a week,” she advises. “And for one of those encounters to be extended, like I suggest couples have a three-hour sex date.”

Anami — who has gained global fame for her vaginal weightlifting skills on Instagram, where she inserts a jade yoni egg into her vagina and lifts objects such as coconuts and hand weights that are attached to the egg by a string — says the secret to steamier intimacy is keeping that commitment to a routine of a minimum of three weekly encounters.

“That’s set in stone, nonnegotiable, where they set aside that time,” Kim Anami insists. ‘It’s not dinner. It’s not a movie. It’s not a walk in the park. It’s being intimate with each other. And that can be massage, manual play, oral play, or intercourse. When I assign this to couples, often their first reaction is, ‘How are we going to have three hours of sex?’ And I said, ‘Well, look, initially, it doesn’t have to be three hours of intercourse. It can be all these other things.’”

A 2017 Archives of Sexual Behavior study found that the average adult enjoys sex 54 times a year, which equates to about one time a week. However, Kim Anami encourages everyone to be above average in the sack.

Not only does she offer a line of high-end sex toys on, she also teaches ongoing salons to help sexually stuck people liberate their lives so they can have the best afternoon delight they’ve ever experienced. Offering everything from Vaginal Kung Fu to Sexual Mastery for Men, Kim Anami aims to help everyone achieve more powerful orgasms and sexual satisfaction — and according to the relationship guru, practice does make perfect.

Kim Anami: Bring Sexy Back All Night Long

The sexpert says partners who practice getting into rhythms and habits and suddenly three hours go by in the blink of an eye, and they can up the ante to four hours at a time. This is all pretty impressive, considering sex typically spans three to seven minutes, according to a 2005 Society for Sex Therapy and Research member survey.

“They can be making love way beyond the three hours all night long, get up in the morning, and they are so rejuvenated and energized from their sexual exchange that they leap out into the world with more confidence, more verve, more vitality than ever even though they’ve barely slept,” Anami adds. “But instead, they’ve been recharging with each other in their sexual arena.”

Kim Anami emphasizes even the busiest couples should be making and taking time for getting down and it’s as simple as that.

“I have clients who have six children, they both have high-powered jobs and they’re having sex every single day because they make it a commitment and a priority in their lives,” Anami explains. “So for people who feel like the day runs away with them or they get to the end of the night and they feel too tired, I get that. So my answer is morning sex. Set your alarm 30 minutes, 45 minutes earlier and connect with each other before your kids get up and you can start your day off with a bang.”

Beginning her day with a bang is admittedly what Anami does. She skips the java and jumps in bed instead for a grande serving of supercharged shagging. Like The Police frontman Sting — almost as popular for his views on tantric sex as he is for singing “Roxanne” — those horizontal mambo sessions can get tantric. Anami says the three-hour shtupping sessions she’s suggesting definitely qualify as tantric.

“I mean, look, tantra is many different things. A lot of people think of tantra as extended sex, and it is that, but I guess it’s what also happens within that extended sex where there’s a deeper level of connection, of intimacy, of pleasure, of rejuvenation, of the building, of creative energy that they then take out into the world in their daily lives,” Anami says. “And so a tantric-style relationship, rather than how fast can we get to the end point, is: how long can we make this last? How long can we really exist in this feeling and space of ecstasy? It becomes like a psychedelic trip.”

Another suggestion Anami offers for more phenomenal fornication is switching feeling jaded about sex for a jade yoni egg. She says the practice of inserting a jade yoni egg into the vagina for just a few minutes every day can strengthen a woman’s pelvic muscles and make for mind-blowing multiple orgasms. Anami’s eggs are crafted from authentic nephrite jade, which is pure and untreated. The eggs also come with explicit instructions on how to properly use them. Educating women about their vaginas using guided visualizations to help them connect to their bodies is a big part of Anami’s mission. “[I want to] help them really connect into their own bodies and get to know that part of themselves,” Anami says. “Even five minutes a day just to get started, three to four times a week, would be my recommendation.”

Anami adds that perhaps the best part of scheduling more sex is that it leads to even more pleasure. And increased sexual intercourse does come with its health benefits. CNN reports that more banging leads to less stress, improves sleep, boosts heart health, is a natural pain reliever — and a clever way to burn calories.

“When you’re really emitting this juicy vitality, it’s magnetic, it draws people, it draws opportunities to you,” Kim Anami says.

She reiterates that getting well laid and doing it often can change how others react to you. She says she discovered the true power of sex over time, especially after having repeated sex and then going out into the world and connecting with people. “[There’s] this attractiveness that people tune in to and they just want to be around it,” she shares.

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