Know here- How to Import EML to Outlook with Quick Guide

How to Import EML to Outlook with Quick Guide

Due to advance technology users are moving from one platform to another. Some users want to move their EML files into Outlook for security purposes and many more. Here, in this blog, we will describe the methods to import EML to Outlook that helps users to migrate their EML files.

Now, move ahead to know more about EML and Outlook in detail.

EML file is just a file extension used for an email message. It consists of many items including message, subject, sender, recipients, date and time, etc. For headers, hyperlinks, attachments, and the main message body, EML files include plain ASCII text. It can easily be imported to many email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

MS Outlook is a worldwide used email client. It has many advanced features that like security feature, worldwide transfer of emails, etc. People are moving towards Outlook to save their data from any damage. Outlook stores data in PST(Personal Storage Table) format.

Why are users willing to migrate EML files to Outlook?

There are multiple reasons behind this migration as given below:

  • EML files supported email clients generally face interruptions while working through a network. This network error further creates other issues as well.
  • There are many default settings that further creates many problems with EML files. This is because of human faults.
  • That’s why users are willing to move their EML files to Outlook to secure their data from any alteration or from any errors. Now, begin with the solutions to import EML files to Outlook.

Manual Techniques to import EML to Outlook – A Tech Guide

There are some methods to import EML to Outlook PST as mention below:

Method 1: With the help of Windows Live Mail

(Notice: Open Windows Live Mail and Outlook in your system from beginning itself.)

  • Initially, launch the Windows Live Mail application.
  • Then after opening it, go to select file tab>>export option>>email messages.
  • Now, choose MS exchange as an export option in the select program box and hit on“Next”.
  • A dialog box appears next showing a message “ this will export message from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook / MS Exchange”.Press “OK”.
  • Choose a selected folder option then choose folder from which you want to export emails.
  • Or

  • choose all folders if you want to migrate all your email folders”. Then hit on “OK”.
  • At last, a message for successful completion will pop up. Just tap on “Finish”.

Method 2: Import EML messages to Outlook using MS Outlook Application

This method only applicable when you have EML files stored separately in the system and there is no EML supported email client present as well. Outlook application is compulsorily installed on your local system. Now, follow the below instructions:

  1. Firstly, launch Outlook application on your computer.
  2. Then go to the path where EML files are located and then choose the EML file.
  3. At last, drag the chosen EML file and drop it into Outlook application.

Now, you can easily view your exported EML file in Outlook.

Method 3: Import EML to Outlook PST using Outlook Express

For this approach, you have to configure EML files with Outlook Express, by opening Outlook Express application and then dragging files in it. After this, follow below-mentioned instructions to perform the conversion:

This method needs a proper configuration of EML files with Outlook Express application. Open Outlook Express application then drag selected EML files into Outlook Express. Then follow below steps further:

  1. Start the Microsoft Outlook first.
  2. Then visit File tab >>Open & Export >>Import/Export.
  3. Choose option as Import Internet Mail & Addresses >> Outlook Express >>Next.
  4. At last, hit on the Finish button to export EML files to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.

These all are the three manual approaches that you have to follow. But these methods only export limited EML files into Outlook and also takes more time. Also, manual methods become more complex when we move ahead. So, to avoid these kinds of drawbacks, you can use the EML Converter utility. This software uses advanced algorithms for importing EML files into Outlook quickly. It can export EML files in bulk and ensures no data loss as well. So, if you want a direct method you can go through this software.

Take A Way

We have clearly provided all the ways to import EML to Outlook in a stepwise manner. You can go through these manual solutions and if you face any problem then another direct method also discussed to get an instant solution. We hope that you will get your problem solved by this guide.

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