Latest Trends of the eCommerce industry in Pakistan

The world of the e-commerce market is increasing day by day, and competition in this business is also growing very fast and has been reaching its top. To keep your business position at first in this competition, it is necessary that follow the latest trend of e-commerce and monitor them regularly.

ecommerce in pakistan

Increment in sales of online shopping

Online shopping is a form of e-commerce that is being used nowadays at a non-stoppable rate. The reason behind this is that online shopping stores provide excellent packages and 50 % off on specific products. On some products, they also offer discounts which fascinate and attract the customers. Therefore, due to this trend, sales are increased by almost 3% more than that of 2014. Online shopping is a popular activity, and you only require an internet connection to your cell phone, and also the android cell phone is also required, or you can also use a laptop for that purpose. Thus, it has been increased to a non-stoppable rate.

App development

Almost every website has made an app for the marketing of their online business so that customers can see the updated and can find important information about the products. These apps automatically monitor the products, and deprioritized products are listed blew.
As the customer can find these products easily and information regarding them is also provided; thus, they use it and so, the e-commerce is growing day by day through it.

Advertising on social media

Advertising is also a reason behind the development and growth of e-commerce business. But remember that advertising should be contextual and programmatic. So, this trending is followed by e-commerce.

If we talk about this trend in simple words, then it means that the right information is provided to the right people as immediately as possible. These adds are played in between videos, games, and in many other tv programs. Almost add is played in between related videos and games.

Use of AI in e-commerce

AI stands for artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is that programmed the computer so that they can decide a human.
The use of Artificial intelligence gives your e-commerce business the ability to recognize the pattern and interest that your customers are following. Thus, your system monitors them self according to the customers.

Artificial intelligence also helps in measuring the accuracy of your data size and also its quality. It can face the challenges created by the e-commerce market world—artificial monitors the recommendation system, which is used to recommend the products to the customers.

Enhancement in Shipping Options

Nowadays, in Pakistan, almost all e-commerce businesses are providing multiple shipping options and opportunities to customers. By that, the customers obtain their required product fast because enhanced shipping options offer fast delivery of products.

Shipping options use the maps to discover the short routes to reach the destination. Now a day, this idea becomes mainstream for e-commerce business marketers.

Use of Augmented Reality for Visualization

Many companies, either they are Pakistan somewhere else has introduced the AR (Augmented reality) in the operating system of their systems. For example, the app development idea is based on augmented reality. It helps users to visualize their required products by sitting at their homes but only using their mobile camera to visualize the products.

Automated marketing

Automated marketing means that you manage all your e-commerce business features automatically as much as possible. For example, schedule your emails automatically. The other important feature is the priority among the products which decide among the products which are selected by the visitors and customers mostly, keep them on the top of your website or app.

There also other automated features like target, again and again, the customer who needs necessary products. Also, display the updated product and set priority according to the shipping history of customers.


All of the above discussion shows that the trends followed by the e-commerce business decide the growth of sales of that business. Thus, follow the update and monitor your pattern that you follow to upgrade your business. It is possible they cost you much, but they boost up the revenue of the business.

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