Learning from the Logo Designs and Icons of Online Slots Gaming

It seems like an odd area to focus on, but looking at the ever-expanding space of online slot gaming, it’s clear to see that logo design and icons are perhaps the most crucial factor of the games. While classic and iconic logos can spark your imagination, when looking for successful examples of designs, examining a space that is competitive and heavily-reliant on the impression given by aspects like logos and tiles can be the best way to see what is currently working.


Recently, a few examples of major companies seeking to redesign their logos have been criticized. While a modern sans serif and ultra-minimalistic style has been heavily adopted, many onlookers are quite openly critical of brands trying to embrace this trend. A fine example of this stance was seen when BMW changed its logo to remove the black outer ring, with the iconic logo now seen as sacrificing identity to favor presumed modernity.

In slot gaming, however, every style under the sun is being tried. This helps to give a grand overview of the styles that are working now in a space that offers an example of each. So, let’s examine the practice of logo design in slots and why it’s so important.

The range of all-important logos in slot gaming

Slot gaming is so unique as a space to analyze for logo and tile design because of the very nature of the sector. It’s an incredibly competitive space because new games are being released weekly to expand the ever-growing ocean of slots. Furthermore, the advertising of the actual games therein and information about them simply isn’t mainstream. So, players on slot sites invariably select games based on their logo and tiles – meaning that a great deal weighs on the quality and appeal of the design.

If you choose to try the new slot games, you’ll find a diverse range of designs. The Vault of Anubis features bold, mystical blue-flame lettering on a dark background and serif-font text. Thai Flower has gone for a slab serif font set over a tropical backdrop and is adorned by a flower. While less used, Classy Vegas leans into a script font for ‘Classy’ and a sans serif font for ‘Vegas,’ blending what is considered to be classic and modern fonts. Aimed at being a much darker, Lovecraftian venture, Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness features a gothic-inspired frame with worn lettering in a serif font.

As you can see, the fonts, styles, and imagery used across the competing new slots vary a great deal, with all of them boasting different forms of appeal. There lies the key: the designs accurately relay the themes of the slots to appeal to those who like those themes – rather than opting for broad appeal. The lesson to take from this is, whether your brand is creative, fun, modern, classic, or specializes in a certain area, embrace it and relay it through the logo design.

Slot games clearly demonstrate the value in relaying the nature and themes of a brand’s offering through clear logo design, even if it means including extra imagery around the text or even styles that are deemed to be outdated these days.

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