Live Casino Vs. Traditional Casinos

These days we can track the dizzying extent of human progress through a variety of means, however one that continuously throws up quite how quickly we have progressed in the last 100 years is that of the casino industry. Don’t get us wrong, this is a market that has been huge since at least the 18th Century, but for a long whilst it remained in a fairly stationary position, lacking the technology to make any really huge changes. Over the last two centuries, however, this has completely changed, with a myriad of new technologies paving the way for an unprecedented expansion of the entire industry.


The main thing to happen to the casino industry was undeniably the emergence of the Internet, something that immediately flipped the whole market on its head. It did not take long for online casino such as a Norwegian casino site to become a viable alternative to traditional casinos, and the statistics these days show that online casino has completely and utterly overtaken its traditional predecessor. This is a change that was spearheaded by the online slots market, of course, however in recent years things like live casino have also contributed. But what exactly is live casino? And how does it compare to traditional casino? Well, read ahead to find out…

What Is Traditional Casino? 

To kick things off we thought it apt to give a quick run through of what exactly traditional casino is, seeing as there are millions of new gamblers around these days who have amazingly never set foot inside one of these establishments. A traditional casino is basically exactly what it says on the tin – a gambling hotspot usually located in a very large and flashy building, with a multitude of different games you can try your luck on. Places like Las Vegas have become traditional casino Meccas, absolutely no wonder when you see quite how decadent these establishments have become.

In fact, historically there has been so much money poured into the traditional casino industry by excited gamblers that real life physical casinos are often ludicrously decadent. In fact, some places in Las Vegas even have things like zoos nestled away in their casinos – it really is extravagance to the point of absurdism!

History Of Traditional Casino 

The legitimate history of traditional casinos can be tracked all the way back to the 17th Century and the bustling city of Venice. Aware of how many people liked to gamble during the carnival season, they established the first genuine casino in the world – the Casino di Venezia, in the 1600s. This was the first time that the world had seen a government regulated completely legal casino, however to call it the start of casino gambling would be foolish, as it had been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years prior. Regardless, the Casino di Venezia was the first legitimate casino, and before too long several more had sprung up around Venice.

Now, fast-forward to the 21st Century and the amount of traditional casinos really is staggering – you can find at least one in pretty much all major cities across the world. There is also a ridiculous amount of money in the industry too, something that shouldn’t be surprising considering the amount of people that simply love to gamble.

What Is Live Casino? 

As we have seen, traditional casino has been around for hundreds of years, but live casino has been a thing for a comparatively short amount of time. In fact, live casino’s lifespan correlates directly with that of the Internet, and do you know why that is? Well, the answer is simple – live casino is something that relies 100% on the Internet. However, it is important not to get it mixed up with the whole online casino realm, because live casino is only one part of this huge industry.

Oh yes, in a difference to things like online slots or poker, live casino still retains some of the real life elements of traditional casino. This is because all live casino games are live streamed from a central location, with gamblers then placing their bets from all over the world. This is one of the main reasons why so many people have started playing live casino games – it appears to wed the best bits from online casino and traditional casino.

History Of Live Casino 

Live casino first appeared in 1996, at the time it was incredibly rudimentary and you could only play Blackjack on it, however it was still incredibly popular. It wasn’t long before video links made the experience that bit better, and gamblers could actually see the dealer over a real-time live stream. This enhanced live casino’s popularity even further, attracting gamblers from all corners of the world due to its merger of reality and online play.

As time has gone on live casino has only got more popular. Where once you could only play Blackjack, nowadays there are all manner of live casino games on offer, with Roulette being one of the most popular. Technology too just keeps getting better, meaning that the video links are now almost always in stunning HD.

Pros & Cons Of Traditional Casino 

There are a load of positives to take from traditional casino, with the main one being that it just feels better than playing online in a lot of cases. Nothing can match the grandeur of some real life traditional casinos, and going to these places is as much about the building than the actual gambling experience.

However, there are also negatives associated to traditional casinos. For example, they are ten times less practical than live casino – you actually have to leave your house to go to them! There is also the trouble of finding an actual good casino, we don’t al have the luck of living in Las Vegas!

Pros & Cons Of Live Casino 

Live casino is a lot more practical than traditional casino, and the pros don’t stop there either. Many gamblers are reporting more favourable odds during live casino play too, consequence of the huge amount of money that the industry brings in.

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