Low variance Slots that are pay often

Slots: Low variance slots are less risky when compared to higher variance slot games. Although they don’t payout as much, low variance slots often reward players with consistent wins. There are several low variance slots with free spins that pay often.


What is Variance

Slot variance is a common term, it is also sometimes known as volatility. Variance essentially refers to how much risk is involved with a particular slot, if a slot has high variance then players can expect the slot to be much riskier to play. Most games have a medium amount of variance, however there are some games which have higher and lower variance than average. It is always wise to properly research the variance of a slot game before you play it as it can affect the payout rate of a slot game massively. Low variance slots are believed to be less riskier than high variance slots because they payout much more frequently, however players should expect the payouts to be at a much lower amount.

Low Variance Slots Benefits

Low variance slots are viewed as less risky than other slot games. This is because they payout much more frequently than regular slot games, however these payouts are much less than they would be in a higher variance slot game. Despite this, lower variance still has some benefits for players.

Less risk – The most obvious benefit that comes from using a low variance slot is the fact that there is less risk involved. This means that this type of slot is ideal for players who have a tighter budget because they will be less likely to lose money. If a player wants to enjoy a slot for it’s design and gameplay rather than it’s payouts, low variance slots are the perfect games.

Frequent wins – Another benefit of a low variance slot game is the fact that players will receive frequent wins. This is great if a player is trying to build their bankroll. Although these wins won’t be massive, if a player remains patient they will see positive results in good time!

Best Low Variance Slots

Choosing a low variance slot can be difficult, playing should look for a low variance slot which still manages to payout a decent amount.The following are some of the best low variance slots that players can find.

  • Blood Suckers is a spooky vampire themed slot game developed by NetEnt. This slot has low variance but still brings the promise of good payouts thanks to the high RTP and fun free spins feature.
  • Wild Plunder is a slot which was developed by NextGen and players will be particularly impressed with the unique graphics and design of the slot. The low variance is also incredibly alluring, especially when mixed with the games free spins feature.
  • Sunset Delight is a slot which promises decent wins despite being a low variance game. The cool theme will remind players of great summer nights, the slot was developed by Thunderkick.


Low variance slots can still promise good win sizes, despite having a much more frequent payouts.

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