Luxury Living In California: Finding Your Place Out West

Where To Live 

California has been a state in the lap of luxury since the 1920s, and there are more options today than perhaps there have ever been. You might want to start your search for the right home by concentrating on varying regions of the state.

For example: are you interested in living in the northwest of the state? Are you looking at the bay area? Is the hot centre region of California where you want to go, or are you looking at properties on the eastern slopes?
The state has solitude, wilderness, and it’s got cities—big cities; some of the biggest in the world. If you want to find what’s going on at the technological and cultural influence points of the first world, Los Angeles is the place to be. However, if you’re looking for the peace, quiet, and anonymity of the redwoods, you’ll want to look at luxury estates north of San Francisco.

A Few L.A. Options To Consider


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Still, it may be to your benefit to go the apartment route for a time as you get to know the area. You’ll definitely want to be near what’s going on in Los Angeles for at least a little while; especially if you’ve got the budget. For those seeking a place to live near where everything is going on, you might check out these luxury apartments for rent in Alameda.

Alameda is located just south of Los Angeles proper, and so you’re right in the middle of it all. Entertainment, nightlife, shopping, and more are just a brisk walk from where you happen to be.

If you’re more interested in spending time on the beach, you might want to look into units closer to Santa Monica, which is right on the coast. Between Los Angeles and Santa Monica is Hollywood, and on the western side of Hollywood is some exceptional luxury. Just check out the views from these West LA luxury apartments off Sepulveda.
Sepulveda runs right along the I-405 corridor, giving you instant access to an avenue either south into Orange County, or north into the wide San Fernando Valley. Though the 405 is regularly trafficked, living right by it can save you a lot of time in transit.

Other Luxury Options To Consider 

Elsewhere in the state, you can additionally find many luxury apartment units, and you can always use creative energy to enhance what you’ve got available to you. You can make your own luxury that’s cutting-edge and chic by following trends pertaining to interior décor in California, presently. There are quite a few very interesting items to consider.

It’s additionally considerable that, owing to the unique nature of California—and Los Angeles in particular—your best bet at luxury living might take another trail entirely. Have you considered a mobile lifestyle? Imagine the backyard of your house is the most pristine beach on the coast, the redwoods, the city, the desert, or whatever you want?

Taking Luxury With You Wherever You Go 

There are Mercedes motorhomes designed to fit in any parking spot while still providing luxury living to the vehicle’s owners. Some amazing camper vans are out there, and this convention is becoming more and more popular not only to those who are trying to conserve resources.


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California is a state you want to see. It’s a place you definitely want to explore. There are coasts, mountains, forests, deserts, rivers, wetlands—everything. If you’re living in an apartment amidst a sea of traffic, seeing all you can, may be a bit more effort than you’re willing to give.
However, if you just drive to where you want to go, at your pace, this problem ends. If you can afford a luxury apartment, you can definitely afford a luxury Class-B RV; and you may be surprised how affordable such a choice can be while still providing you top-tier living options.

Finding Your Best Home In California 

What you need to ask yourself is: what are you looking for, how long are you planning on staying, where do you need to be, and where do you want to go? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can narrow down your search until you find the perfect luxury living option in one of America’s most exciting states.

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