Do you make profit with your App Marketing?

Most of the companies have started to build the apps for their business but by only developing the app is not enough, it needs awareness for their targeted audience. The company must follow three routes to acknowledge their audience.

1) Create a demand generation

Express your marketing strategy that the audience must get pulled over your product or services but to do that you must know your goal first hence identify the goal, such as the outline of your audience’s behaviour, etc.

2) Create a Lead Generation

The next funnel is to create the lead by using your strategy like offers, discounts, content too.

3) Create a CRO

The last funnel is to convert your visitor into the action by your approach to the design of the product or services.

These three funnels are just for awareness of your business but if the first important stage is marketing.

There are lots of ways to market your app in means of digital marketing because most of the people were using the internet where the growth of users gets increased due to the increase of smartphone versions and technology. We have to consider the cost of the marketing taking place via smart devices because the investment must give you a profit, not a loss. Thus I have noted down the steps to follow for app marketing.

Budget your App with Benefits

Without knowing a proper way to invest in any field to obtain a profit is useless. The same thing is happening in the mobile app industries because there are nearly more than 31% of marketing efforts getting useless as per the Manifest. This is because you don’t carry a formula for your marketing budget, that’s why I have given you the method to apply it. Where Expenditure on Ads/Total installs=Cost-per-install.

Thus the CPI is the main component to determine the profit of your app marketing. To set the budget is not enough; you need a flow to increase your return on investment (ROI). And also you must be tracking your key performance indicators. That might be your lead to the conversion part of your business.

Hence I have given some important considering part in-app marketing below.

1#.) Practise the view of Social Media

Social media is the platform for many businesses. They earn more by the advertisers only. There are lots of platforms that enhance your business goals; it completely depends upon your business. Promoting an app on social media is an easy thing you must know to use the platform very well such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc. Each social media has many followers. You just need to concentrate on your design which will help you to get promoted easily. To create brand awareness it is important to make use of the tool for designing in means of graphics. The content also plays a unique approach in your add to convert into action.

Let me take with Instagram, where nowadays app marketing runs more than facebook. Many top companies were using Instagram as their top preference for app marketing. It has many features to use in approaching the customers. Such as stories, videos push notification, etc. And also you must think of the device view fitness, character length, image quality, video quality, size of the image. These basic terms are more important to handle your app which must favorable for your audience.

2#.) Earn more through the Video

It’s not an impressive thing that video plays a major role in terms of marketing. We all know that most of us like to watch movies that are the key point that stills the video is running in the marketing factor. This is because you can explain your product with more elaborate and can reach a high amount of audience.

I have noted down the factors that must be followed when you are creating a video for marketing.

Brand Promotes Automatically— the video must possess in a way that creates a style and uniqueness of your brand and automatically audience starts to follow you.

Message – The important set-up is to find out the reason why you have created the video,

To whom this video is going to reach?

How they think by seeing your video?

What is trying to convey through it?

Pain point– You must know the feeling of your audience so that you can easily reach them by heart. It may be anything like us laugh, cry, or get angry about something.

You must always be clear about your video quality and audio quality. Both must be in proportion to enhance the app to get notified.

3#.) Start an App Party

To cover a specific geographic area for your marketing then you can make use of the feature of facebook called launch event. It can easily create attention from your local community and the media.

This strategy is for those people who want to target their local community. They can target the members of those communities by finding out where they gathered most. It can easily reach the potential customers of your goal with a perfect location and elevates the lead very easily. This feature is getting famous among the local communities of facebook.


Marketing your app is not that difficult to take place only if you know how to handle the various strategy and tools of the platform. Multiple resources can help you to promote your application. You have to make use of the busiest platform to promote your app. And make use of the video type marketing strategy to make an alert to your business easily. Just be aware of your audience’s movement to reach the potential. And track the Return on investment for your business profit as I mentioned above follow the formula for your budget investment this can help you to know whether you are applying the budget is benefits or not. The above tips that I have mentioned can make your app to reach your audience easily.

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