Tips to Make Your DIY Painting Last Longer

To save both money as well as time, many homeowners want to paint on their own. But to get the colour just like as professionals that stay last longer, they need to follow the right technique and procedure. Here is the process that Dallas Paints follows:

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Step no. 1: Remove damaged paint and repair the damaged surfaces

Before you start painting, it is important to scrape off the damaged painting colours. It is the most important step to do if you want your paint to get last longer. Then to repair the damaged or rough surfaces of the walls, you can use sandpaper. Sandpaper is used to make the wall soft and prepared for the new paint colour. A successful painting job starts with the preparation of the surface.

Step no. 2: Jump on to the primer

If you want to make your paint last longer then priming your walls, ceilings are mandatory. Primer offers three different benefits to your home walls.

  • Primer blocks the stains.
  • It allows one to get finishing look in just one coat of the paint.
  • It reduces the chances of the peeling as well as blisters.

Step no. 3: Use the proper painting technique

You should choose the proper painting technique. Using the proper painting technique is necessary. Don’t apply the thin layer of the colour because when it gets dry, the colour will become too dull. While on the other hand, you should not also apply a too thick layer of paint colours because thick paint colours are more prone to get cracks. So make sure you use the proper painting technique whenever you paint the walls of your home.

Step no. 4: A tip for the overnight storage of the paint

When you have paint colours that would not finish today and you will have more paint to do tomorrow then you should not need to go through the very difficult task of cleaning the brushes of the painting colours just to make sure that the brush paint does not stick and they will remain flexible for tomorrow task. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do all this laborious work while you will get the same brush for tomorrow as well. All you have to do is just roll off the excess paint and then tightly wrap used paintbrushes in a plastic food wrap. Then keep these into the refrigerator, it might seem crazy but it is the right process to keep your brush and paint fresh for the next day. As you know washing of the painting brush is not an easy task that you can do with ease when you use this trick. It saves paint to not to get dry overnight and you can use the same paintbrush and paint on tomorrow.

You have to remove these paintbrushes 30 minutes before from you start painting. You can store those properly wrapped paintbrushes for several days into the refrigerator to use them.

Apart from these, using the right tools for the paint is also essential. Use high quality of tools and paint so it will stay last longer on walls.

This allows you to do paint without any hassle while it will stay last longer to your home walls enhancing the look of your home so the visitors of your home will complement your job of painting.

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