6 Killer Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups

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Small business startups may lack budget but surely not spirit. They know how to steer clear of the conventional mode of marketing and leverage new-age tactics to realize their goals easily. Even if budget is not there, innovation can come to the rescue of those startups looking to gain a foothold in the market and boost their footprints in the digital channels. There are so really amazing marketing tactics that are not only affective but also help stretch the worth of dollars in real sense. If you are ready to experiment with unique types of marketing ideas, success will always wait you on the other side of the isle.

Here are some amazing marketing ideas for small businesses –

1. Publish Great Content

Lack of budget won’t come in the way of achieving your marketing goals if you’re ready to publish great content. With well-written and quality articles, posts and blog, you can create a lot of buzz on the internet and garner attention for your products, services or any aspect of the business. If you run a blog, posting information or publishing content there on regular basis can win tons of organic traffic. This is how qualified leads and conversion happens to drive sales. If you can’t do this all by yourself, hire a content marketing expert and reap the rewards in a low-cost manner.

2. Rely on Video Marketing

People love watching videos. Research suggests that information or message conveyed in visual form creates more impact on the mind than in textual versions. So, you should start creating high-quality instructional videos to catch the attention of the target audience without spending big. There are popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion etc. where videos reach to millions of users and generate brand awareness. How-to videos are in great demand and can prove a great marketing tool as well. Startups lacking budget can always rely on the power and reach of videos to broaden their brand appeal in the market.

3. Benefit from Social Networking

Social media platforms today are a great marketing tools for brands big and small alike. Most of them have millions of active users which serves as a huge marketplace for brands to capitalize. Networking on popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. can open the window of opportunities for startups lacking budget. The good thing about social media is, you can do paid as well as organic promotion there depending on the budget. With social networking, your start-up will get a bigger exposure than you could imagine.

4. DIY Infographics

People love anything that comes to them in visual form, like videos. That’s why infographics are currently among the most popular marketing tools as they help brands present information in simple and visual form. You can use images, graphs, tables, data, graphics etc. and put information or message across channels so that people share them and help drive traffic and links your way. Plus, you don’t even need to hire designers for creating eye-catching infographics as there are tons of free tools to do the job all by yourself.

5. Develop a Customer Referral Program

Customers matter more than anything else. So, the more you have the better. Startups too should try to win trust and credibility of more people to have a sizeable base to cater to. This is why developing a customer referral program can help as better results will happen if you have rewards in place for those offering new customers to your business. You can offer a free product, e-books or coupons to those who refer new customers. With a solid referral program in place, it will be easy to solidify your customer base.

6. Organize Online Contests

Startups and small businesses can organize online contests and achieve their marketing goals easily. Even if budget is low, exciting contests can be launched which can help attract participants whom you convert into prospects and leads easily. You can hire a digital marketing agency India and let it take care of contest part so that great results are always a guarantee. And yes, prizes needn’t be too extravagant to have a dent on your already low budget for marketing and promotion tasks.

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