5 Amazing Ways You Can Compare Your Marketing Funnel with Your Dating Life


Marketing is all about building a connection between the brand and the customer. The very first thing we do is meet the customer, learn about them, enquire about pertinent questions, and maintain the relationship moving ahead. It does seem like dating!

The challenge for a reputed digital media agency is to maintain the relationship with its clients in the long term through branding, content, or different types of experiences. With the help of customer responses, at any given touchpoint, it is possible to decipher where the customer is in the marketing funnel, where they are heading to and how to approach them.

Once you replace the terms marketing with dating and customer with date, things become clear as daylight. It is quite a useful way to approach marketing in the long term. If you wish to have a stable, long-term relationship with your customer, you must create ravishing experiences and foster relationships.

If you try to be too clingy, chances are, you will lose out on them. Let’s now look at some fantastic ways to get the most of your marketing funnel, just like your dating life.


You have just met someone. The very first thing that you do is catch their attention. Once they get familiar with your brand, the next step is to clarify your intentions. Here, it would be best if you shared who you are and what you can do to solve their problems. Remember, it’s about them, not you.


We recommend you to use your favourite formats in the form of blogs, social media, video tutorials or FAQs. Remember, this is not the time for you to offer them your services (marriage proposal!) Be an active listener. Concentrate on their needs, educate them, and establish trust. The ultimate objective is to grab their attention by sparking interest. However, try to be authentic because that is the foundation for any relationship. Isn’t it?


Even if both parties are willing to take the relationship forward, the key is to have in-depth conversations that can maximize the engagement level. Stick to the formats that have worked in the past. You can use blogs, social media, or even offer a free trial. Remember to personalize your message. Also, do not forget to respond on a timely basis to ensure a long-lasting relationship.


At this stage, you are done with texting and phone conversations. You go to movies, dinners, and concerts. In the world of marketing, this means giving demos, e-books, case studies as a free trial. Please show them your relevance. Try to understand the gap and convince them totally.



This is your perfect chance to show that you are really a match made in heaven. The customer will weigh down the pros and cons, pricing, and the longevity of the relationship. However, before that, ask them what information they need to make the best decision for their business? Be open in the conversation. Remember, being upfront and honest from the beginning will help you earn trust, which will make a massive differentiator in the final decision.


It is time for the decision. Ensure that you have provided every vital information to the client. Discuss the promising future and highlight the benefits, if required.

Concluding Thoughts

To make your marketing funnel a great hit, just like your dating life, it is imperative to take the help from a reputed social media management company to upscale your business vision in the minds of your prospective clients.

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