Tips When Taking Medical School Entrance Exam

The exam for a medical school is one of the most difficult entrance exams a student can take. When you are a student who wants to be a doctor, you need to pass this test to be able to study medicine. Many say that it’s quite scary and full of pressure to most pre-med students when the examination date is almost near. Many are stressed out on how they will prepare themselves for the upcoming test.

Medical school entrance exams

But just like any other exams, we need to study, so that we can answer the test questions well in order to pass. Here are some few things you can study and be familiar with before taking the medical entrance exam:

Coverage of the Exam

Get as much information about the contents of the exam. There are medical school entrance exams that you can get a copy of the outline topics that will come out during the examination. Like when taking MCAT, they have AAMC outline topics to guide exam takers on what will be the coverage of the test. MCAT exams cover a lot of topics, and it covers four sections that are under different subjects, that’s why it can be difficult.

Once you already have an idea what is the coverage of the exam, it will be easier for you to focus on what topics you need to study on. By gauging what knowledge you already have with certain topics can also cut down the number of areas that you need to focus on studying.

Study Schedule

We know that you must focus when it comes to studying for the exam. Although it can be a bit stressful, especially when you also have other things to do other than studying, creating a timeline and a study schedule will keep you on track. Try to set the number of days and hours on how much you need to study. Also, start studying on topics which you think are most difficult for you.


They say practice makes perfect. Whenever you have finished studying a topic, it is best to practice what you have learned. You can do this by taking a practice test that you can get online. You can also try having a group study class with your classmates. Then you can check each other’s knowledge by asking questions.

Before the Exam

A day before the examination, it is best to relax your mind. Giving it time to rest will freshen your brain cells and will get you ready for the exam day. Sleep early, avoid sleeping late so that you won’t feel tired and exhausted during the day of the exam. Wake up early the next day.

Examination Day

It’s the day of the test, and you are both excited and nervous about it. The first thing you do is to freshen up and eat healthily. Try to scan a few notes that you might think you need to read again. Don’t forget to bring the things you need for the examination.

Taking the Exam

You are now about to take the exam, so relax and don’t stress yourself by getting too anxious if you are going to pass or not. Focus first on answering the test. Make sure to follow all the instructions provided by the facilitator. Read each direction on the test papers carefully to avoid ending up not following them. Try to read each questions twice before answering them. If there is a question that you are not sure of, skip it first and go to the next question and go back to those unanswered questions later. Before passing your test paper, make sure to check all pages, so that you won’t miss answering any questions.

Taking a medical school entrance exam may not be as easy as it seems, but again with thorough preparation, you can take the exam with ease and be able to pass it.

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