7 Useful Mobile Apps For College Students


Gone are the days when success in campus implied tons of hours spent in the library in a futile attempt to trace the content for a specific topic. Thanks to the advancement of mobile gadgets and the development of educational apps, locating content is less stressful.

In the deluge of mobile apps for college students, however, there exist both genuine and dubious apps. This guide should come in handy to help you to sift through various options.

Here, we tackle the best apps for college students in 2019, which prove helpful in terms of research and completing assignments. For help with various study items, seeking help with the dissertation bears much essence.

Among the best mobile apps available for college students include:

1. Chegg

Among the many apps for homework help, Chegg ranks the most beneficial. This American based company offers services ranging from homework help, preparation of assignments, and book rentals.

In addition to this, Chegg offers online tutoring, therefore, helping students get solutions to various challenges they come across in classwork. In addition to this, Chegg allows you to interact with other users on educational material, thus expanding your knowledge in various fields.

2. Evernote

Organizing your time as a student is among the hurdles you must tackle for the successful completion of your course. With Evernote, students can quickly jot down notes and list their tasks, therefore, realizing proper management of time.

What differentiates Evernote from its counterparts, however, is the fact that you can sync it with your devices, therefore, gaining access to notes at your convenience. With Evernote, students can get reminders hence being able to handle tasks before their deadlines.

For optimal use, however, students should maximize the clip and highlight features, thus storing vital information for later study.

3. Easybib

Making citations is among the most daunting tasks of an essay. Having used a ton of material to bring your essay to life, tracking each source for citations may trigger a series of headaches.

With Easybib, however, you can cite your work appropriately and access the list of citations after completing your essay. As such, this gives you peace of mind hence allowing you to focus on the preparation and editing of your article.

4. Malmath

Math’s at higher levels can prove tricky to wrap your head around. While the library abounds with mathematical resources, it may consume a substantial amount of time to trace various elements.

With Malmath, however, you can solve mathematical problems in a wide range of topics to yield the working and answers to the questions. What makes this the best mobile app for college students pursuing mathematics, however, is the easy to use interface and richness in options.

5. Realcalc Scientific Calculator

While a mobile phone ranks among the must-have gadgets for campus students, it is only as efficient as the apps it contains. To help you navigate the mathematical realm, having a detailed calculator comes in handy.

The Realcalc app proves of significant benefit to mathematical students designed like a real-hand held calculator. Among the features of the Realcalc digital calculator include;

  • Physical constants table
  • Ten memories
  • Binary, octal, and hexadecimal
  • Ability to solve Trig functions

6. Todoist

With time being the most critical element to manage, students require the best mobile app for time management. By noting down your tasks, you can avoid chaos related to missing deadlines or facing the last-minute rush of meeting deadlines.

What makes Todoist stand apart from its counterparts is its features that range from collaboration to project management. Like the best time management apps, Todoist offers convenient reminders, thus ensuring that you handle various tasks in time.

Thanks to its productivity goal feature, the app brings the sense of competing against time hence helping you set your pace in the management of daily duties.

7. My study life

College life can prove hectic with poor planning. With time management including, class attendance, homework management, and your personal life, it is essential to access these items from one point.

With my study life, you can note down all important dates and tackle your tasks in the order of their importance. What makes it a spectacle from the myriad of its counterparts, however, is the ability for teacher-student collaboration.

As such, teachers can convey schedules to students within the same school, thus making for more natural organizational communication.

For success on campus, students require to have the best material at their disposal. By acquiring the apps mentioned above, you can easily manage your campus study, thus realizing better grades.

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