Mobile Fun: 5 Mobile Games You Can Play on Your Smartphone

Although a lot of people would enjoy playing games on their consoles or PC, not everyone has a high-end PC or an
expensive console. Now that everyone is inside their homes waiting for COVID-19
to die out, the gaming industry is experiencing a surge. Not only that, but
mobile gaming is also at an all-time high right now.

As mentioned above, not everyone has a
PC or a console. This fact is where mobile gaming benefits from. In today’s
time, it’s a rare sight for someone not to have a smartphone. With almost
everyone owning a phone, it’s only a matter of downloading the games that other
people want. 

With mobile games, you’ll be able to
play with your family and friends much easier. You also don’t have to worry
about queuing in lobbies waiting for other players. Mobile games have a much
deeper player pool than most online games. Although some might argue that
mobile gaming is just for casual gamers, games such as Mobile Legends prove

In the past, big-name PC games like
Starcraft, Dota, and Counterstrike were the only games that received a fair
amount of attention in tournaments and viewership. Today, several mobile games
are being freely streamed, with viewers numbering in the thousands. To
commemorate the meteoric rise of mobile games, here’s a list of some of the
best games today:


Rhythm games are perfect for the mobile
platform. In the past, games like Dance Dance Revolution and PaRappa the Rapper
were the kings of rhythm games. Today, mobile versions of these games can
easily be downloaded. Similarly, BeatX is one of the
mobile games that resemble Dance
Dance Revolution, albeit with its own unique twists.

For one, BeatX has over 100 songs to
choose from. You won’t get tired from the limited songs of older rhythm games.
You can also even use a custom song of your own choice in BeatX. For some who
want to relive the nostalgia, BeatX’s got you covered. A neat feature of the
game allows players to connect a controller or even a dance pad via

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

As mentioned earlier, Mobile Legends:
Bang Bang is one of the most played games today. Mobile Legends is a MOBA or a
Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Although Mobile Legends or ML for short isn’t
the first of its kind, it has similar elements with other popular MOBAs such as
Dota and League of Legends.

With over 94 heroes available for
picking, ML’s gameplay is continually evolving. ML’s popularity is making waves
in how eSports is being viewed. As a testament to its popularity, ML, along
with other games, were included as medal events in the 2019 Southeast Asian
Games held in the Philippines.


Dynamix is another rhythm game that
brings a nostalgic arcade experience to the mobile platform. Instead of
conventional gameplay and rhythm game formats, Dynamix has a triple-dropping
design that makes players feel as if they’re composing a song.

The soundtrack of Dynamix is also impressive,
boasting a hundred tracks coming from South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and
Japan. You’ll be sure to have a lot of fun with this game as you wait out the

Angry Birds

Old but gold. This phrase is what sums
up Angry Birds. When it was released, a lot of people were immediately hooked.
The title itself held intrigue for a lot of people. Why would birds be angry in
the first place? As people downloaded the game, they quickly shared the anger
of the birds in the game because of the antagonist pigs. 

Angry Birds was a commercial success
that drove countless people to play it for hours. The aim of the game was to
use a bird and slingshot them to a structure that had the pigs in them. Each
level often presented different challenges, often with the number and kinds of
birds you had. 

Each miss would make players hear a
burst of audible laughter and grunting from the pigs as if mocking the player.
This noise would end up firing up gamers, making them try harder to hit those
annoying pigs. Truly, Angry Birds is one of the best games to have ever been
created for the mobile platform.

PUBG Mobile

Almost everyone enjoys playing PUBG on
the PC. Due to the success of the game and the constant demand, Tencent Games
finally released a mobile port of the game. Although some might consider PUBG
Mobile as a watered-down version of the PC game, it retains all the fun and
excitement you’d get. 

Aside from being free, PUBG Mobile also
had features that make it more fun than the PC version. First, PUBG Mobile has
an auto loot feature that allows gamers to play faster. The game also has an
aim assist feature. Aim assist is a unique feature in most mobile shooter
games, which slightly increases a player’s accuracy when shooting.  


With a lot of free time to spare
nowadays, you can spend it playing mobile games. The games mentioned above are
a whole lot of fun and will keep you from getting bored. What are you waiting
for? Download these games and have a blast!

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