10 Reasons To Choose Mobile Patrol Security Officers To Protect Your Property


Are you a commercial business owner with a large lot of property? If so, security must be a major concern. Protecting your business from theft or vandalism and responding to accidents quickly are critical for loss prevention. Sometimes, cameras are just not enough.

According to statistics released by the Texas Department of Public Safety, 1,832 thefts are committed for every 1 million people in Texas. In 2017, there were 133,145 burglary incidents reported in Texas. Of those incidents, 36.4% of burglaries were committed in commercial businesses.

A great solution for protecting your property against burglary and vandalism is to employ mobile patrol services. Mobile patrolling is one of the most effective ways to secure your business premises. Mobile patrol officers conduct mobile patrols randomly throughout the night to deter property loss or damage.

Here, we outline nine of the top advantages of hiring mobile patrol services::

1. The Guards Are Always Alert

Since mobile patrol security guards remain always on the move, they are constantly alert and vigilant.They continuously patrol all areas of a business – inside and out —  keeping an eye out for potential problems.

2. Equipped with GPS Tracking Devices

Mobile patrol officers are equipped with the most up to date communication technology, from locked-airwave radios to GPS tracking devices. This means you can track a security guard’s location in real-time and get in touch quickly. The GPS device also allows you to monitor the patrols in real-time, document locations where problems arise and are generally a benefit for both the officers and the business owners.

3. Noticeable Presence

Now, this is important. Mobile security personnel and their vehicles should be easily identifiable. The mobile patrol car offers a strong visible deterrence to criminal activity. Flashing lights alert both would-be vandals and persons in distress of the arrival of an enforcement officer on the scene. As officers continuously patrol your property in the vehicle, people both on and off-site are aware that your property is well protected by mobile patrolling services.

4. Cost-Effective Solutions

If you think that hiring the services of a mobile patrol security officer will exceed your business budget, consider whether you want to incur huge losses and pay a higher insurance premium after your property is damaged or burglarized or a preventable accident occurs. Investing in the security of your property is a wise financial choice.

A professional security guard who regularly monitors the entire area of your business can help minimize the risks of crime. In the long run, the cost of the service pays for itself by helping your business to reduce costly expenses and insurance premiums that arise from theft and vandalism.

5. Protection When You’re Most Vulnerable

Thieves, robbers, and burglars mostly come out after midnight. During these late night hours,  it is crucial for your property to be protected by high-end security designated to deter any unlawful activity. It is often impossible to know what’s going on at 2 a.m. on your property if it is a time when everything is silent.  Mobile patrols eliminate the risks of off-hours vulnerability as night patrol officers keep your property active 24 hours a day.

6. A Range Of Security Checks

Mobile patrolling services not only provide thorough visual security but also specialize in sensory security checks.  Mobile security guards are experienced and well trained to perform a series of thorough checks, being watchful for suspicious activity or behavior, and listening for unfamiliar activity throughout the property.

The guards can access areas that cameras cannot capture and alarm sensors are unable to detect. From simple door and window lock checks to in-depth operational checks, security officers keep your business safe and secure.

7. Flexible Services

One of the best features of mobile patrolling services is the ability to adapt to a variety of needs. For example, if your business has a large event scheduled, a mobile patrol officer can change daily routines to include crowd and traffic control support and accident response.  Mobile patrol security guards can efficiently handle emergency situations and adapt to the changing needs of their clients.

8. Building Relationships Within the Community

Not only does your employment of a mobile patrol security officer help keep your business safe it also helps to reduce the risk of crime in the neighborhood where you are located.  The physical presence and random visits of the guards assure and comfort everyone in the area that they are safe and secure. It boosts the sense of security for the entire community. This helps you build a relationship as a good neighbor to the surrounding community.

9. Quick response

Mobile patrol security personnel are equipped for a quick and effective response for any scenario. The fact that they are mobile allows them to reach any place within the shortest possible time.

Currently, there are 2 million full-time security guards working in the US. That figure is expected to rise by 21% this year.

10. Protect Your Property with Mobile Security Guards

You can protect your property and assets in a number of ways. If you think your property is large enough that cameras and unarmed guards aren’t enough, mobile patrolling is an effective approach. Security agencies equip officers with GPS tracking devices and video cameras allowing them to properly monitor the interior and exterior of your property, keeping them safe and protected.

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