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We’re seeing big changes within the mobile device market as phone companies continue to one-up each other – many of the newer offerings may seem extremely similar, and for good reason – they mostly are, but we also have the growing sort of gimmick market within enthusiast devices as we see folding screens and flip phones make a re-emergence. But once you look past this little corner of the market, there are some really nice changes in mobile tech that are becoming commonplace, so which should you look out for?

    Faster, and better displays – One of the biggest and most noticeable changes can be found in our mobile screens – increasing the resolution that is possible is something the layman might look toward as big strides in advancement, which in some part is true as 4K displays have become somewhat common place, but the bigger change can be found in the device refresh rate. Our mobile habits are a lot of scrolling through screens, or such as this review suggests for games such as Crazyno gaming is also very much an important part of the day to day mobile usage, this is where faster displays help. Not too widespread, but 120Hz (how many times the screen updates per second) are trickling down into consumer devices making usage of these devices feel buttery smooth – it is vastly different from the traditional 60Hz phone and users will notice the difference immediately.

    Bigger batteries, and alternative charging – Bigger batteries have been sought after for a long time as our displays have gotten bigger and our processors become more power hungry – over time battery tech will continue to develop to allow more capacity whilst reducing in size, but the biggest change in battery tech has come through fast charging and different charging methods. Wireless charging has been around for a while now, and fast charging allows for even newest flagship devices to be charged from empty to full in an hour or so, but something we are seeing is a form of powershare charging for our peripheral items like our ear buds – we can now place them on the back of our devices to charge them, signalling an exciting list of possibilities in this area.

    Augmented and Virtual Reality – We’re also seeing big strides made in the world of augmented and virtual reality – a big success for AR can already be found through titles such as Pokémon GO as it took the world by storm a few years ago, and whilst it may have some rather limited capabilities many apps are now introducing AR as a feature. Virtual Reality hardware is also becoming cheaper, and more easily accessible as it starts to find a foothold on mobile devices, and as our devices become more powerful the possibilities of VR capability with them will only get better – many games on mobile are already introducing VR at a more basic level, but as limits are reached fans can expect rapid changes here as the market provides exciting opportunities not only for gaming, but for every day utility too.

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