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It’s often tempting to jump right in and become a Pro COD player. But it doesn’t work that way. Always remember that the Pros you admire now were once newbies in Modern Warfare. It took them time, practice, and consistency to get to where they are today. The Pros also use many strategies and hacks to get to the height they are today.

So, you can also play modern warfare like a pro with proven hacks and cheats from Modern Warfare hacks will be found in their store to simplify the game as you keep practicing for perfection.

Modern Warfare tips

10 Ways to Practice like the Pros

    1. Focus on improvement first

To become a pro player in this game, you must focus on how to improve your gameplay. Think about how to get better at it. Don’t focus on how to win at the beginning when your skills are still at no level. By improving yourself, you can become useful for your team. Your goals can be how to improve your position on COD maps, the game mode, and your approach to a certain location.

    2. Practice with BOTs Lobbies

One of the reasons to play BOTs is to learn how to aim your weapons rightly. You will also learn how to be a better sniper or how to move in an advantageous manner. By completing private matches against BOTs, you can also explore many maps during the fights.

    3. Explore Maps in Custom lobbies

You can explore Modern Warfare maps in the Custom lobbies too. By exploring the Maps, you can learn many strategies for search-and-destroy. Also, you can learn the best strategies to use in each Map and the best approach for different kinds of situations you may face. For instance, you can even learn the best approaches to bombs or the sides to kill your enemies.

    4. Try different things

While using the Custom lobbies, try to improve your strategies without opponents. Many Pro teams and players do it. So, you can try it out. While doing that, work on hardpoints, rotations, dominations, steps, pushes in Search and Destroy. After working on these things, you can be more helpful in the game.

    5. Play with teammates

It is also important to play with teammates to explore different possibilities. You can play the maps in the game to discover strategies to win as a team. You will also improve on team coordination and how to back one another up in the game. You can play in tens to swap teammates continuously. As you swap teammates and roles, you can become a well-rounded player in Modern Warfare.

    6. Put yourself in different situations.

Instead of just playing one particular situation, you need to improve your strategies for all kinds of situations. By playing with other teammates and facing every kind of situation, you can be a well-focused asset for your team in the main game.

Remember, the real game will put you into all kinds of risky situations, even as a team member. By trying these situations against AI opponents, you can prepare better for them.

    7. Watch the Pros Play COD

Here’s another way to practice like a Pro. You must watch others who have mastered the game playing it for you to learn more. It may surprise you, but many Pro players watch other play the same game that you think they know.

Anytime they’re not playing, these top players are watching scrims. These are games between professional gamers. A Pro in a game may play with another Pro to maybe learn their styles and strategies. Also, you may see them watching team scrimmage where Pro teams are playing against other Pro teams.

These professionals take part in scrims or watch them learn new strategies they can incorporate into their own. So, if you don’t want to play the game first, you can watch many Pros fight one another and learn from them.

    8. Play the Game

No matter all the practices you’ve gone through and all the Map explorations you did, if you’ve not played the game, you won’t learn it. You need to play consistently, putting everything you’ve learned into action.

By playing COD, you’ll get better at it. It’s not possible to become a pro overnight without putting in the work. So, after learning every strategy and getting the hacks, it’s time to practice what you’ve learned. There is no rush; you’ll get better at Modern Warfare when you play it consistently.


It is often difficult to start a new game or to master a game. But the truth is that every professional was once a newbie. Also, Pro players practice and learn every day. So, learn the basics of the game, watch others play, play against Bots and employ all our tips. With time, you’ll be a professional player.

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