Most popular casino games of 2021

As of now, 2021 has not been a great year. The pandemic has spread globally and affected the normal routines of people around the world. Right from month-long or longer lockdowns to wearing face masks in the public, 2021 has been a year that has changed the perspective of people and businesses quite significantly.

This year has also witnessed something very different, the closing down of casinos around the world. This is a phenomenon that has never been seen before; casinos remained opened throughout the year, filled with people trying to change their lucks. While the Nevada Gaming Commission has allowed some casinos to open up, they need to adhere to certain rules and regulations related to coronavirus and social distancing. However, what we perceive as the normal working of casinos is not expected to start anytime before 2021.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted people to their homes, it does not mean that they cannot engage in some online gambling. With the help of online casino games, you do not have to worry about COVID-19 and social distancing rules.

popular casino games

Popular online casino games 2021

With the rise of online casinos like Casino in Canada –, people now have the opportunity to try out different online casino games without having to visit a physical brick-and-mortar casino. Additionally, since these games are online, you can easily play, enjoy, and win cash without having to step out of the confinements of your home.


Considered one of the top most-played games at casinos, poker is the real deal. It can be played in both land-based and online casinos and is available in many different variations; each one of them has its own sets of rules. One of the most popular is the Seven-Card stud, which has managed to attract hundreds of poker enthusiasts from around the world in highly-rewarding competitions.

However, the Texas Hold’em poker variation has managed to grow even more popular, thanks to the rise of online casinos. This game is quite simple to understand and play, which is the reason behind its explosion into popularity.


Apart from poker, some gambling enthusiasts love getting their game on with roulette. This game is available in some varieties (consisting of single or multiple wheels) and is very easy to understand and play. Usually, the chances of winning are decent in roulette.

There are two main types of roulette – American and European. Both variations offer 50% of winning and are easy to learn, especially for newcomers. Apart from certain differences, roulette is a fun game and can be played on online casinos.


Blackjack is another well-known casino game that can be played on online casinos. Additionally, this game is extremely easy to understand – your hand needs to be better than the dealer’s without exceeding above 21, which will then be called a bust. If your hand is below 21 and above 16, you have winning chances.

To successfully win a hand, you need to apply the right strategy and know when to perform certain actions like sticking and folding. Even with the most basic strategy, you stand a good amount of chance to win.


If you are not much into card games, then slots are the perfect choice for you. Fun to play, this game is mostly about your luck and does not involve a lot of brainwork. If you are new to the world of gambling, then you can definitely try out slots.

You will find a lot of different slot themes, each with unique bonuses and features. If you manage to learn about them, it could increase your winning chances.

There is no doubt that land-based casinos have taken a very hard hit during the lockdown. However, online casinos have managed to attract more customers than ever before! If you want to play online and from the comforts of your home, you can create an account at any online casino you want.

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