5 Most Relaxing Waterfront Communities To Live In Ontario

In case you didn’t know, the City of Toronto has the most developed waterfront in all of Canada.

Trust us, the beach towns in Ontario are beautiful (especially during the Summer). They are the perfect places to live if you want to escape the grind and hustle of traditional cities.

Relaxing Waterfront Communities

Sure, they are not as crazy as the Bahamas. However, they are fun and offer plenty of scenery that will always keep you in a state of wonder.

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Let’s get started as we explore the most relaxing waterfront communities to live in Ontario.


The City of Toronto, the apple of Ontario, has the best waterfront.

Did you know Toronto is among the few cities in the world with impressively long urban lakefronts?

Are you looking for swimming and kayaking spots? Toronto is home to Cherry, Woodbine, and Sunnyside beaches—The best you can find in Ontario.

You’ll never be bored in Toronto. Something is always going on. We’re talking about events, boat cruises, and lakeside patios, among many others.

The last time we checked, Toronto had a population of 65,913. That’s a lot, but it’s no surprise since Toronto is the capital city of Ontario province.

As part of the capital, everything is available to the Toronto waterfront community.

One thing to note—The cost of real estate in Toronto is higher in comparison to the other waterfront communities in Ontario (From around $450,000 to $7,500,000).

Grand Bend

We tried hard to find another waterfront community that is aesthetically better than the Grand Bend. Unfortunately, we failed.

The famous Grand Bend is on the shores of Lake Hunton in Southern Ontario. What a sight to behold!

Have you ever seen such crystal clear blue waters in all of Canada?

No? Well, obviously since the beach and sandy dunes there are the best. It’s like living in a movie.

Don’t believe us? Why don’t you visit the town during the Summers and witness all the young people flock to the beach town?

As of April 2020, the Grand Bend had a population of around 2,700. Most of the people over there live in single and detached residential homes. Rental and multi-residential properties are few compared to the other beach towns we are going to discuss.

What about the social amenities?

The residents of Grand Bend have access to almost all social amenities necessary for survival. They have several stores and restaurants spread all over the town.

The quality of medical care in Grand Bend is great. You’ll have access to several public and community-run medical centers like the Grand Bend and Area Community Health Centre.

Grand Bend is also full of recreational centers and public amenities that will keep you engaged all year round. These include a community room and kitchen, the Grand Branch of the Lambton Library, the Grand Bend Recreational Centre, and of course, a gymnasium.

There aren’t many schools in Grand Bend. The Grand Bend Public School is the only nearby community school that offers education from kindergarten to grade 8. Don’t worry. Other schools and secondary institutions are a small distance from the heart of the beach town.


When compared to Grand Bend, Picton is much more refined and calm. The small town of Picton is mostly known as an adult retirement place. As a result, there aren’t a lot of teenagers and college students visiting the town.

Picton is the perfect place if you are looking for a beautiful waterfront community that isn’t overly flooded during the summers.

What makes Picton so special?

The sandy beaches! Did you know that Picton is home to three sandy beaches, also known as the Sandbanks Beaches?

Are you a wine lover? Then you’ll be glad to know that Picton has one of the best wineries in all of Ontario. Oh, that’s why the town is also known as “the gastronomical Capital of Ontario.”

As of 2016, Picton Town had a population of 4,702 residents. The average cost of housing in Picton is around $320,000.

What about the social amenities in Picton?

Since Picton is mainly a tourist town, shops, restaurants, and recreation spots are available in plenty. The art and sports community in Picton is also very active, and there is always something to awe you when you step outside.

How about the medical services in Picton?

There are plenty of medical centers in Picton. Sure, the medical service in Picton is not the best in the country but, it’s there. The PEC Memorial is the major healthcare facility in Picton. However, there are several other medical centers nearby.

The education sector in Picton is well balanced. There are several public schools like St.Gregory Catholic School (Elementary school), Prince Edward Collegiate Institute (Secondary School), and the Sonrise Christian Academy (Private School).

Tiny Township

Also known as “Tiny,” Tiny Township is a small beach town located in Simcoe County in South-central Ontario.

Did you know that for 11,000 years, humans have continuously occupied the Tiny Township area? It has always been able to attract settlers from all over. The community is well-diversified, with French-Canadians as the majority.

So, what is so unique about Tiny Township?

Tiny Township has a 70-km shoreline with 5 beaches. All of them are available for public use. These include Woodland Beach, Blue Water Beach, Jackson Park, Lafontaine Beach Park, and Balm Beach.

The outdoor life of Tiny Township is what makes it unique. In addition to the beaches, Tiny Township also has some of the best hiking and camping outdoor spaces. The area is so rich in natural beauty.

As of 2016, Tiny Township had a population of 11,787. Just like previous communities, Tiny Township has enough social facilities for everyone. There are plenty of schools across all levels, and all utility services are top-notch.


The list wouldn’t be complete without Goderich—The prettiest town in Ontario.

Goderich’s beauty comes from its abundance of unique natural sights. Have you seen the shores of Lake Huron? In addition to that, the neighborhoods are also nicely arranged. We’re talking tree-lined streets and several public parks.

Also, Goderich is among the few towns in Ontario with stunning architecture. It’s never boring. Sure, it’s a small town, but festivals and events are a common thing on the town’s three beaches; St. Christopher’s Beach, the Rotary Cave Beach, and the Main Beach.

With a population of around 7,600, Goderich is best for people who prefer small-town vibes. It’s an interesting city to visit on vacation. Try it out and witness all the “prettiness” Ontario has to offer.

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