Motorcycle Shipping: All that You Need to Know

Shipping your motorcycle can be a daunting task especially if you are doing it for the first time. Generally people get scared on the idea of shipping their motorcycle so prefer riding it to their destination. However, it is more convenient and economical to ship your motorcycle by a professional shipping company than riding it to the destination. If you estimate the price of fuel, feeding, road taxes, and other expenses, then riding your motorcycle will be costlier than choosing the best motorcycle shippers and shipping it.

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Relocation is one of the most common reasons of shipping a motorcycle along with delivering to the buyers, taking them to motorcycle rallies, and/or taking them along on vacations. It is highly recommended to hire a professional shipping company when you want to transport your motorcycle. If you think about your moving process then you already have a lot to handle and riding your motorcycle yourself will not be a wise decision.

Along with the safety and time saving reasons, saving the mileage of your motorbike is also a big reason to ship your vehicle. Whatever the reason be, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind while shipping your motorcycle to your new location.

Here we have put together all the information that you need to know before you ship your favorite motorcycle:

Different Methods of Shipping Your Motorcycle

The first thing that you need to decide before you think of transporting your motorcycle is to know the different methods of shipping. Airfreight and ocean shipping are two ways common ways for shipping your motorcycle. Ocean shipping can be the cheapest way of shipping your bike but may take many days to deliver your bike to your place. Budget, distance, and delivery time are some major factors that will help you in deciding your shipping option.

Terminal Shipping and Door-to-door Shipping are two methods of shipping motorcycles.

Terminal shipping is an efficient and cheap way of shipping a motorcycle. If you have a nearby terminal in your location then this will be the best way to ship your vehicle. If you don’t have a terminal nearby, then you may have to ride your motorcycle to your destination location yourself. If you find it convenient to ride it yourself from the terminal then this is a good option.

Door-to-door shipping is the most common way of shipping and most companies offer this service for free. You will have to make it clear beforehand. If you don’t make the terms clear at the time of hiring then you may have to pay extra at the time of delivery. If you don’t find it safe to get the delivery at your location then you can choose a nearby location for delivery.

Enclosed Trailer:
Along with terminal and door-to-door shipping, another factor that you need to consider is whether to opt for an enclosed trailer or open trailer for shipping your motorcycle.

Using an enclosed trailer for shipping your motorcycle is an expensive way of transporting it, though it will be the safest way too as an enclosed trailer will protect your motorcycle from any damage. People who are transporting their vehicle to a long-distance or not having a fixed moving date should opt for this type of transportation. Also, if your motorcycle is expensive or fragile, an enclosed trailer is the right option.

Enclosed trailers have the latest soft-tie strapping system and air ride suspension components that reduce any shock on your motorcycle during the time of transit.

Open trailers are cheaper as compared to enclosed trailers for transporting your motorcycle. It is not a very safe mode of transporting your vehicle as it will be exposed to different weather conditions during transit as there will be no panels and sidewalls to protect it. But if you have an exact delivery date and transporting your vehicle for a short distance then open trailer mode is the best way to transport it.

Factors that decide the cost of shipping of your motorcycle are as follows:

Size and Weight of Your Motorcycle

Different companies charge different but $0.50 per pound is the average price charged by many companies. The size and weight of your vehicle will decide the overall shipping cost of your motorcycle. Lightweight motorcycles are charged less as compared to heavy vehicles. This is so as the company will need larger crates and straps to handle heavy vehicles. And the company will charge extra for the use of this extra equipment.

Transport Distance

Another major factor that decides the shipping cost is the distance to be covered to transport the motorcycle. The longer the distance is, the costlier the shipping will be.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Options

Shipping your vehicle within an urban area can be cheaper than transporting it to the countryside.

Opting for terminal delivery or door-to-door service will also impact your shipping cost.

Transportation Time and Speed

hipping cost is largely impacted by the time of year that you choose for transporting your motorcycle. Shipping during winters is costlier as compared to shipping in summers.

Another factor that affects the cost is the speed of delivery. If you need a fast delivery then you will have to pay extra.

These are some of the best auto transport options that you can choose when transporting your vehicle from one state to another.

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