Must-Have Living Room Accessories

Room: Certain basic building blocks make up a standard living room. The sofa, coffee tables, chairs, and ottomans are just but a few to mention. Despite the furniture being intrinsic components of living rooms, they can’t be the only installation.

Apart from the kitchen, living rooms are arguably an essential room in any home. This is where home occupants and guests spend lazy evenings enjoying movies or keeping warm by the fireplace. That aside, home floor plans are designed that living rooms are the first accessible rooms upon entrance. With such importance, your living room design should be top-notch and look luxurious.

Certain basic building blocks make up a standard living room. The sofa, coffee tables, chairs, and ottomans are just but a few to mention. Despite the furniture being intrinsic components of living rooms, they can’t be the only installation. To bring some life in this space, you should add some accessories, ranging from decorative sculptures to furnishings that auger with home occupants’ preferences. That said, below are some must-have living room accessories.

1. Plants

Adding vibrant, freshly green, natural plants, and floral arrangements to your living room give the space some life. With their versatile nature, plants can suit any home style and décor. Besides, depending on the size and type of plant, you can achieve an eye-catching modern design with plants. Going for tropical plants with big floppy leaves often brings a softening effect. This provides a perfect balance to the otherwise tough stark furniture arrangement. On the other hand, greeneries such as cacti and succulents are excellent for their low-maintenance nature.

2. Wall Art

Another essential accessory, even to lightly accessorized living rooms, is wall art. They are a charming addition that can be used to create various focal points in the room. Wall arts often go hand in hand with designer wallpapers, as they are often reliant on personal style. You can choose various wall décor layouts, including the equidistant layout, which is one of the common options for homeowners.

Equidistant wall layout gives the artwork enough space between different borders. You can also opt for a unique style, which will require a careful though random arrangement of items to create some eclectic finish. Photographs can also be incorporated to establish excellent, visually effective focal points. When positioned correctly, such memorable moments with favorite people displayed in the photos draw attention.

3. Throw Pillows

You should also consider throw pillows as an essential addition to your living room accessories. Throw pillows are essential for several reasons. Besides adding some aesthetic appearance to the living room, they add to the comfort of the space. Adding some throw pillows even to the most comfortable sofa or chairs brings forth some additional comfort.

Throw pillows also provide extra support to the back and head, especially when you need to nap. Throw pillows provide an excellent opportunity to play with living room colors, patterns, and textures without significant commitment. You can also switch them according to seasons or moods.

4. Warm Lighting

Pendant lights and candles are the best way to introduce some warm lighting into your living room. Both lights glow with yellow lights that create an excellent atmosphere to the living space. Compared to pendant lights, candles are low-budget solutions, and you should consider their placement for an eccentric look.

For homeowners with mantles, you have unlimited opportunities to display various candles. Scented candles, for instance, can be used alternatingly according to seasons to keep the living room fresh. If you opt for pendant lights, chandeliers and floor lamps make excellent choices.

5. Stylish Throws

Just like throw pillows, you should include stylish throws into your living room accessories for various reasons. For starters, you can practically curl them up on your sofa during chilly conditions. They are also excellent for adding a variety of colors into the room. You can instantly add some color lift into your dull sofa colors with stylish throws.

That aside, stylish throws are great for seasonal living room uplifts. For instance, during winter, you can use cozy throws with fur or cable knit throws. On the other hand, light and brighter throws are best for summer seasons.

Bottom Line

The best place to begin accessorizing your home is to start with what you have. Place personal items, such as photographs and souvenirs from friends and family, where they suit before investing in more. However, if you are starting afresh, start by collecting common items, such as wall art and mirrors. Similarly, if you have overly excess accessories, you shouldn’t have all of them in your living space. Cluttering your living room does not look good and won’t give your visitors time to appreciate every piece.

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