30+ Best MyReadingManga Alternatives To Read Manga Online

MyReadingManga is a website that offers free manga for readers to enjoy. There are thousands of titles to choose from, and new chapters are released every day. MyReadingManga is a great place to find your next favorite manga!

MyReadingManga.info has a very nice interface and a lot of different sections to look at, such as Popular Manga, and Random Manga. With these parts of MyReadingManga info, you can find your favorite manga without having to look for it.

On MyReadingManga., there are more than 100 different categories, advanced search boxes, and other ways to make it easier to find any manga series you want to read. This saves a lot of time and work. You can also upload your manga to MyReadingManga.info and share it with other people to get feedback from them in real-time.

MyReadingManga also has a simple interface, updates every day, an online community, recommendations, comments, votes, and a lot of other features.

How to read manga on MyReadingManga?

Sign up is not required on the site to read all of your favorite manga for free. All you need is a device with Internet access and a web browser, typed in the URL, and start reading all your favorite manga.

We all know that the MyReadingManga website was really helpful and fun. Fans are now looking for other websites like MyReadingManga info (MyReadingManga Alternatives) because the site is no longer available in some countries.

We’ve put up a list of the best MyReadingManga alternatives that are not geo-restricted and can be accessed from anywhere. In order to make things easier for manga fans. Check our guide to bypass geo-restricted websites here.

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Sites like MyReadingManga Info/ MyReadingManga Alternatives

Here are the top 30 best MyReadingManga alternatives to read Manga online in 2023:

1. Manganelo – Read Manga Online Free

manganelo tv

On the Manganelo website, manga fans can check out and share manga from a wide variety of sources. The website has a simple user interface and does not require registration to view the manga. MyReadingManga and other similar manga reader sites allow you to create and share your manga with others and receive real-time feedback, just like MyReadingManga and other similar manga reader sites.

Many manga fans use it as a social networking site, where they can read and discuss a wide variety of manga stories from all over the world. In addition, there is a free HD option for streaming Anime series in HD. Here, you’ll find a variety of genres, such as action, adventure, and romance, among others. There are countless options available to everyone, so you don’t have to spend much time deciding what you want.

In order to publish your own manga story on Manganelo, you must register with your name and e-mail address. Upon logging in, you can use all of the features available to you. In addition to an attractive UI, Manganelo provides daily updates with new chapters and series, an online community, and more.

2. Mangapark

Mangapark MyReadingManga Alternatives

As one of the fastest-growing platforms for reading manga, Mangapark lets you do just that. It is an alternative to MyReadingManga that provides the same services as MyReadingManga, but with a new user interface and a few new features. With the help of this platform, you can work on and share your manga with other people, as well as get honest feedback.

The nicest thing about this site is that it connects a huge community of manga fans from over the world, all of them are constantly exchanging countless volumes of the manga. Much superior to any of its competitors, this site has an easy-to-use UI that’s similar to Facebook’s, making it stand out.

While there are various methods for finding your favorite manga, you can also use Mangapark’s creative search box where you may enter the name of your favorite manga as well as keywords linked with it.

3. Mangakisa

mangakisa read manga online

There are no ads on the Mangakisa website because it is sponsored via crowdfunding. It’s an all-in-one manga reader platform that lets you enjoy HD-quality comics every day. New features, user interfaces, and services make it one of the greatest Manga platforms out now, making it an excellent alternative to MyReadingManga.

More than one million manga are available, and each manga has a number of distinct subplots to explore. The website’s user interface is quite impressive. If you’re looking for something specific, you can browse through more than 90 different categories, each of which has its own title. It also allows you to organize manga by authors, categories, and dates, as well as a search box that helps you find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

Mangakisa isn’t just a manga reader platform; it also offers Anime series to stream, making it a superior option to the competition… Aside from offering free basic features like browsing through more than 90 categories, about 50,000 anime series, and the ability to submit your own Manga, the website also offers many other features. In addition, there is an online community of the world’s best manga artists and fans where they can share their thoughts on anime and manga.

4. MangaReader


Manga Reader is an easy-to-use but feature-rich online Manga reader. An extensive platform for manga fans, it offers a wide variety of manga, anime, and hentai video games to choose from. It’s a little different from MyReadingManga and other similar sites, but it still provides the same services and features.

You can post your Manga and get immediate feedback from other users. There are numerous classifications for all of the manga and anime on this platform. The names of each category are constantly changing, with new ones being added on a regular basis. It, too, has a variety of sections to explore, including a section devoted to what’s currently popular. Manga and anime series trending in HD quality can be found in the Trending section.

You can read manga on the go thanks to this manga platform’s mobile app, which works even if you don’t have a connection to the internet. More than 1,000 manga, a hundred plus classifications, advanced search, suggestions, and more are some of the other popular features of Manga Reader.

5. Mangakakalot

Mangakakalot MyReadingManga Alternatives

Mangakakalot is one of the fastest-growing online platforms that allow you to read manga for free. Manga fans of all stripes will find plenty to enjoy on this website, which features all of the most popular series. In announcing its claim to possessing the world’s largest collection of high-quality image manga, it noted that it was constantly adding new chapters and titles.

MyAnimeList (MAL) is a lot like this app, but it adds a few new features and tools. All the latest manga is available on the website, which has an excellent user interface and a variety of sections, including Hot Manga, Complete Manga, and Latest Release. It’s easy to find your favorite Manga in these sections.

Additionally, there are more than 70 categories, advanced search boxes, and arranging algorithms that save a lot of time and work. It allows you to upload your manga and share it with others so that you can obtain real-time feedback from others. Mangakakalot’s daily updates, online community, recommendations, location comments, votes, and basic user interface are all key features.

6. Mangaupdates

Mangaupdates MyReadingManga Alternatives

It’s a Japanese manga site that allows you to browse through a wide variety of manga, all of which include high-quality photos. The website was built by a team of manga fans who included all the features necessary to make it a comprehensive manga platform. Similarly, Mangaupdates is sometimes considered to as a manga-centric social networking site where manga lovers can connect with one another and share their thoughts and opinions.

It’s possible to access a wide variety of manga on this platform, even on mobile devices. In addition, you have the option of sharing your stories with others and receiving feedback in real-time. Interacting with other members and exchanging messages are one of the best things about this website.

To receive manga updates, you must first sign up with a valid e-mail address and name. Once you’ve checked in properly, you’ll have full access to the system’s features and tools. Its key features include a sophisticated search box, a large number of categories to look through, a mobile app, the ability to create and share surveys, and an online community.

7. AniList

anilist co MyReadingManga Alternatives

Anilist is a website that helps anime fans keep track of which shows and films are currently airing or have finished airing. Seasonal anime shows and films can be discovered, tracked, and shared on the platform. Program descriptions and categories are available for users to review at any time on the site.

As an additional feature, the platform offers an archive area that allows users to access shows from both the winter and summer seasons (as well as spring and fall). In addition, there is a separate page for programs that have yet to be released, with their description and category.

Shows can be added to a “seeing” or “not seeing” list, and the list can be sorted alphabetically or by release date or year. Finally, it’s a free platform, so people can start using it right away.

8. Kissmanga

Kissmanga MyReadingManga Alternatives

Founded by Manga fans, Kissmanga is a modern-day site for folks who appreciate reading Manga. One of the largest manga libraries in the world, it comprises a wide range of genres, including school dramas and sci-fi tales. It’s easy to swiftly check out, select, and check out the titles for each of the different types of titles available.

Moreover, it allows you to save and share your favorite Manga with others using social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. The most intriguing aspect of this manga platform is that it features two distinct styles, such as dark and light, that keep readers engaged. Kissmanga isn’t just for manga fans; you can also watch anime series through it, which amplifies the experience.

There is a community of the best manga and anime creators on the website, and they share their knowledge and expertise to help newcomers learn the craft. If you want to use the service, you’ll need to register using your name and e-mail address. Kissmanga.com has a simple user interface, a dark mode, a mobile application, an advanced search box, and an upgrade every day.

9. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList MyReadingManga Alternatives

An Anime and Manga Social Networking tool, MAL includes more than 4.4 million anime and 775,000 manga entries. All of the content on this site is broken down into a variety of categories, and each category has a variety of options to choose from. Users can sort and rate Manga and anime using a list-like mechanism on the website. It aids in the discovery of other users with similar preferences and provides regular updates on a wide range of titles.

MyAnimeList is the greatest Anime and Manga social media platform when compared to the competition. It is the largest database in the world and has millions of users. The website’s user interface is simple and there is no need to register to see Anime or Manga. Registering with your name, e-mail address, and other personal information is required if you plan to publish any of your works on this platform. You get full access to all tools and features after a successful login.

You may stream Anime and Mange TV shows without sacrificing quality on this site. You can also use social media channels to tell your friends about your favorite games. MAL also has features like daily updates, an easy-to-use user interface, more than 70 categories, a search box, and more.

10. Manga Rock

MangaRock Team MyReadingManga Alternatives

MangaRock (now referred to as MangaRockTeam) is the finest place to see what’s new in the world of Manga. With this website, manga fans may easily get the best comics without having to fork over any money. Similar to MyReadingManga info, it makes use of the same resources but adds a slew of new features and services to set itself apart from the competition. Your favorite Manga can be found easily thanks to the website’s advanced search system.

It has a wide variety of categories, such as Sci-Fi, Space, Magic, Action, Drama, and so on, just like the most popular rivals. Using social media channels, you can rapidly select, check out, and show others alternate options for each category. As an option, you may also share your thoughts and receive real-time comments from others.

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A username and e-mail address are required for submission. After successfully logging in, you can use all of its features and tools. Many people enjoy MangaRock because of its creative search feature, online community, and the ability to share their favorite manga with others. It is also updated frequently and is completely free to use.

11. MangaPlaza


Anime/manga can be created from a photo with the use of an A.I.-powered function in MangaPlaza, a software application. The program is constantly being improved and now allows users to transform their photos into anime-styled characters from Japan. It even enables users to create a visual book without any prior knowledge of drawing skills.

The program does not alter the environment or the location of the image in any way. To create their manga character, users can upload an image from their camera roll or upload an image they’ve already taken. With the help of an expert system, individuals may help MangaPlaza create better images by supplying it with varied photos. By feeding it to the A.I., it learns how to create a character from a picture it is shown to the user.

12. Merakiscans

Merakiscans MyReadingManga Alternatives

For manga and anime fans, Merakiscans.com is an all-in-one web platform. It provides access to a vast library of high-quality manga for viewing and sharing. Founded in 2017, the website is the work of a small but passionate scanlation team, and it started off at a very basic level. Many people around the world may now enjoy the latest Manga every day thanks to the app’s widespread availability.

It has a talented team of developers and editors working around the clock to keep the site fresh and exciting for users. There is also the option of creating and distributing your own series to show off your abilities. It, too, contains a big database of the best manga chapters from around the world, divided into numerous categories. There are a variety of possibilities for each classification from which you can easily and arbitrarily select.

Mercakiscans is a user-friendly interface where you can access all the latest manga releases. Incredibly, this manga reading site has a sophisticated recommendation engine that recommends all of the current hot Manga depending on your personal tastes and preferences. Merakiscan’s other popular features include daily updates, free for everyone, an online community, and much more.

13. Webtoons

Webtoons MyReadingManga Alternatives

Websites like Webtoons allow you to explore, read and write Manga on the internet. In order to create and distribute an engaging manga story, you’ll need a toolkit that includes all the little-known features. This allows you to instantly create and distribute an infinite number of series, chapters, and other content.

The nice thing about this manga platform is that it has a big library of temples. Professional designers created all of the design templates so that you may quickly select one to use for creating and sharing your own stories. In addition, there is an option that allows you to create your own HD photos, customize characters, and more, making it superior to the competition.

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Additionally, Webtoons is one of the most popular manga readers, with more than 3 million manga stories to choose from. There are 70 different subcategories for each series on this platform. There are a variety of titles to choose from within each category. Using Android and iOS apps with some brand-new features that make them more interesting is another excellent feature of this platform. In addition to an attractive user interface, Webtoon offers free access to a wide range of tools for creating manga, and more.

14. ComicWalker

ComicWalker MyReadingManga Alternatives

Do you enjoy reading manga for free online? Or, if you want, ComicWalker offers a one-stop shop for all your needs. This Legal Manga website is available to anyone in the world, and it’s completely free to use. Yeah!! You got it correctly. This website is simple to understand and comprehendible to the average person. You will see five sub-heads on the very left of the page, all of which are self-explanatory (i.e. free comics, rankings, my magazines, search, calendar). As a result, the “calendar” subheading is one of the most exquisite characteristics of the same. These Mangas such as “Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin,” “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” “SGT Frog,” and “Ptolemy’s Singularity” can be found here, as well as many others.

15. Viz

Viz Media

Viz.com is a must-see for American manga fans because of its pure essence of worthy compilations. As a result, Viz is now available in nations including the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, and Ireland, where it may be downloaded for a little fee. Everything from action-adventure to thriller to paranormal to science fiction may be found here. Well, there’s “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” “My Hero Academia,” “One-Punch Man,” and “Tokyo Ghoul” to choose from. The Cautious charismatic calendar, on the other hand, informs you when new mangas are available for download or reading online. If you’re a die-hard manga fan, you’ll want to check out Viz.

16. BookWalker

BookWalker Site MyReadingManga Alternatives

This was just what I’d been looking for. BookWalker is undoubtedly a mammoth of its kind with an enormous, extensive and colossal collection of highly praised mangas. There is a problem, however; the service is not free and is not available in Japan, which is a major disappointment. The pricing and stickering, on the other hand, vary by area, and the mangas can be downloaded digitally. Then then, it’s one of the finest places to get your fill of manga. Harlequin (comic books), fantasy, anime, and smut are only a few of the many subgenres that may be found in the main collection. By paying a fee, you can pre-order mangas from this store. In addition to this, each manga requires a modest cost of about $10 to be unwound.

17. MangaTown – Read Free Hot Manga Online


Using this MyReadingManga alternative, you’ll be able to read a wide range of manga. All of your favorite manga comics may be read online for free, with no need to register or pay anything. My favorite website for manga comics may be found here. If you’re looking for something specific, you can use the search bar to find it. After MyReadingManga.info shuts down, MangaTown is one of the best manga reading options.

18. MangaFreak – Site Like My Reading Manga


Mangafreak provides access to all of the latest manga comics without the need for a subscription or login. It’s one of the top manga reading websites like MyReadingManga. One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Boruto, and a slew of other popular manga titles can be found at Mangafreak. This MyReadingManga alternative has manga comics from a variety of genres. The site’s homepage features all of the most recent manga comics. You can also look through the manga list, the most recent releases, the categories of manga, and a random selection of manga comics.

19. MangaFox MyReadingManga Alternatives

In addition to MyReadingManga, there is a slew of excellent manga comics to be found on MangaFox. A great location for manga fans to read free manga. Mangafox is an easy-to-use manga reading platform. The design of this website is quite cutting-edge and vibrant. There are areas in the menu items for browsing manga comics. About 9000 manga comics may be found on Mangafox.com. Also, the website is constantly updated to contain the most recent and fresh manga comics available. In order to quickly access your favorite manga from your saved list, you can set up an account and save your favorite comics.

20. MangaDex – Hot Manga Releases


MangaDex is a great alternative to MyReadingManga when the latter shut down. There are scanlations of Shonen, Seinen, Josei, and webtoon manga on this page. On the website, manga comics can be read in more than 20 different languages (including German, Italian, and more). In addition to the standard black-and-white edition, there are also color editions, alternate fan-fiction endings, and official crossover manga series available for each manga. Sharing, discussing, and uploading comics can be done in groups. In addition, manga fans can follow certain groups depending on manga edits, releases, and other aspects of their interests.

21. Mangahere

Mangahere is a good MyReadingManga alternative because of its large collection of comics (more than 10,000). Mangahere offers a wide variety of free manga. You may be a fan of Bleach, One-Piece, or any number of other manga and anime series in addition to Naruto. All of the manga comics, old and new, can be found on this website. Manga in both Japanese and English is included. As a result, you can save the manga and sign up for a free account at Mangahere.

22. Mangago

Mangago is a great alternative to MyReadingManga, as well.. To read manga online, you’ll find it on this sweet and pretty site. On this MyReadingManga Alternative, you’ll find a slew of different ways to peruse manga. It provides a manga directory, which lists every manga title. As a result, the genre tab gives you the genres, and you can then browse manga comics depending on those. The most popular manga comics are listed on the popular manga list. As a result, you won’t grow tired reading manga on Mangago in your spare time.

23. TenManga

TenManga is the next best place to read manga online when MyReadingManga closes down. Readers of the seasoned manga comic website can look forward to some respite from a nearly new scanlation site on the block. They’re trying to find a trustworthy MyReadingManga alternative.

25. Chia-Anime

One of the best places to watch free anime is Chia-Anime. Reading manga and listening to anime soundtracks from a variety of genres is possible on the platform. You may find any anime you want on this platform, without a doubt. A daily update is also provided. It’s also possible to download and save anime from Chia-Anime.

26. AniWatcher


One of the most popular sites like my readinh manga, where you can watch both finished and continuing anime series on the same site is indeed AniWatcher. You can also read manga and other light and entertaining novels on this site. People who enjoy anime and manga can also find a safe haven on AniWatcher, which features a large selection of these series.

27. NarutoGet


NarutoGet has the biggest, best anime and manga series in the world. It has every anime movie and manga as well. You can use it whenever and wherever you want. Overall, the goal of the site is to be a place where anime fans can watch it for free. The site has all the original English-language versions of Naruto Shippuden movies and manga.

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One of the other sites like MyReadingManga is NarutoGet. It is better than the others because it has many new features and easy-to-use interfaces. It has a lot of different categories, just like other anime streaming sites, like Boruto, Naruto Shippuden, Naruto Dubbed, and Naruto Movies. Each category also has a lot of different options that are updated often so that you can find the most recent things. NarutoGet.io has a long list of features that add to its fun.

28. Mangasee

The best place to watch anime online is Mangasee123. The platform will be easy for new users to use. It has both the newest manga collections and the older ones. Here, you can find both dubbed and subbed anime. You can watch Mangasee online or download it in 1080p quality. If you don’t want to use such data, you can also go down to 360p.

29. Manga4life

If you’re new to reading manga and don’t know what to read, Manga4life is a good place to start. On this site, you can find tens of thousands of manga comics. You can look at different manga and add the ones you like best to your “manga bucket” to read later. On Manga4life, you get to read manga for free. Manga4life is also one of the best sites like my teading manga where you can read manga online after MyReadingManga shut down.

30. Mangapanda

Best MangaPanda Alternatives

The last one the of best MyReadingManga info alternatives is Mangapanda.  Another popular online manga reader. It offers a wide variety of manga for readers to enjoy and is updated regularly with new chapters. Mangapanda is a great way to catch up on your favorite manga or discover new ones.

Conclusion: Best Websites Like MyReadingManga Info

While there are many more websites that can be used as MyReadingManga replacements, there are a few that stand out. The ones we listed in this article are popular and widely used right now. You won’t find any other sites that are like MyReadingManga that are better than the ones on this list, make your choice and enjoy!

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