Myths About Playing Blackjack

On the Internet, there is a lot of information about blackjack and win-win recommendations from seasoned players who claim to make you a winner in a day or so. If you really want to become a good player, the first step is to figure out what is true and what is not so true about playing blackjack. Here are some of the most famous blackjack myths.

Playing Blackjack

Myth # 1: Get as Close to 21 as Possible

It is the most common mistake that newbies make. Yes, the number 21 and blackjack are synonymous. But you should remember that your task is not to get as close as 21; you are to score more than a casino dealer! Why is it so important? Because this is a fundamental rule of blackjack strategy. In most cases, 16 or 17 points will be enough to win.

Myth # 2: A Dealer Will Get 10 Points

One of the biggest blackjack myths is that the dealer’s next card will bring him 10 points. Many consider this to be a kind of “protection” since there are too many cards in the deck that score at such a level. Relying on such logic when you come to the best casinos to play blackjack is a big mistake. In a 52-card deck, only 16 cards have a value of 10. Thus, the probability that the dealer will score 10 is only 31%.

Myth # 3: Other Players at the Table Can Influence Your Gameplay

Some people believe that if the other player at the table makes wrong decisions, they will disrupt the game and directly affect their strategy. This myth doesn’t have anything in common with reality. In fact, a bad player does not mathematically affect the outcome in any way, even in the short term. Yes, one can take a card that could work for you, but the opposite situation can happen as well. So just ignore the other players at the table and focus on your game.

Blackjack Results

Myth # 4: Standing on the Soft 18 (Ace and Seven)

While 18 is a good hand, standing with it isn’t always the best solution. If a dealer has a weak hand, doubling the bet can pay off. Of course, such a move does not guarantee you a win, but the ability to play on the dealer’s weak hand will bring you a successful blackjack game.

Myth # 5: The Result in Blackjack Depends Only on Luck

Many players believe that winning in blackjack depends on your luck only, and there is nothing you can do to increase your winning odds. In fact, every decision you make at the table directly affects the result. Of course, you can never predict which card will appear next from the deck, but familiarity with basic game strategies based on mathematical principles will significantly improve your result.

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