Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Nepal For The Best Trekking Experience


We all dream of seeing Mount Everest at least once in your lifetime. The stunning beauty is Mother nature’s best artwork that is not just mysterious and beautiful but also an accurate depiction of how mighty Nature is. Nepal, the tiny landlocked country is neighboring India, is the lucky home to this majestic beauty.

Besides the Himalayan ranges that magnify the stunning and scenic backdrop of Nepal, this tiny nation has a lot more to offer.

Home to some of the best known Trek routes of the world, Nepal is often considered as a Trekker’s paradise. It does not matter if you are a beginner in the world of trekking or an experienced one, because there is a specific trek route designed for everyone.

Below is the list of 10 reasons to choose Nepal as your next Trekking destination

A Trek For Everyone

Nepal is home to numerous highest peaks of the world. This has opened many trekking routes for travel enthusiasts. One can easily choose the trek route to explore based on your experience level and timespan.

Muktinath Trek, ABC Trek, EBC trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek are some of the iconic and most sort after trekking in Nepal that have allocated gradient level of difficulty to suit the experience level of every trekking enthusiast.

The Stunning And Incomparable Beauty Of The Route

Nepal is the home to one of the lushest vegetations in the world. With over 10,000 flowering and non-flowering species, trekking through the hills and creeks of Nepal is a heavenly delight unlike any other.

Some of the rare plants that are exclusively found in the Himalayas of Nepal include Michelia, Spikenard, Yarsagumba, etc.

The Rare Flora And Fauna Experience

Nepal is an eclectic balance of mountains and cities existing in a harmonious balance. The thick natural vegetation of the country is also the reason behind the cold and humid climate of the country. This mild weather is one of the main reasons for the thriving wildlife in the country.

Trekkers can easily catch a glimpse of some of the spectacular animals and birds that are original inhabitants of this country for centuries and are well-protected.

Spiny Bladder, Musk deer, Monel, One-horned Rhino, Butterflies are abundant in the mountainous parts of the country.

The Lovely And Warm Trekking Community

With better and growing trekking facilities all over the country, Nepal’s local inhabitants have been of great help in ringing better business. Even though many of the trekking routes are treacherous and harsh, there is help and guidance at every corner.

From simple charging booths to tents to warm up for some time, the Nepalese community is always welcoming and helpful. This makes the entire trek a fun-filled and memorable one instead of being a lonely uphill climb.

What makes Nepal, the perfect trekking destination is the availability of affordable yet quality hiking and trekking gears for rent or purchase everywhere.

So if you need a women’s heated jacket or thermal boots or even hiking equipment of the most exceptional quality, it is available here. Thus you do not need to carry all those heavy and bulky gears from your home.

The Chance To Explore The World Of Sherpas

Often referred to as “Kings of the Himalayas” Sherpas have been the inhabitants of Himalayas for thousands of years. Legends say that no one knows the Himalayas better than the Sherpas.

Their unique culture and lifestyle is something that you can only experience first-hand if you plan a trekking trip in Nepal.


Rich in cultural history and their ability to survive in the harshest of climate is a marvel that is unlike any other. Nepal is the only country where one can genuinely see the authentic lifestyle of these superhumans called “Sherpas” or Kings of Himalayas.”

The Chance To Take A Dip At The Hot Springs And Lakes

Home to many hot springs and beautiful turquoise lakes, Nepal is yet to be spoilt by overcrowding and pollution. Lake Tilicho is the highest freshwater lake that is unbelievably stunning to look at.

The pictures and images available online do not do any justice to the actual sight. Similarly, Tatopani Thermal Spring is an amazing hot spring hidden 5s km away amidst the dense vegetation of the Kodari.

These hot springs and lakes are unique and unusual in their geographical and topographical aspects, making them a must-visit during the Trekking trip to Nepal.

The Spectacular Panoramic View

The Himalayas is a Photographer’s paradise. However, what makes the Nepalese portion of the Himalayas so unique and stunning, are the numerous viewpoints strewn all over the trekking routes that offer some of the best and uninterrupted panoramic views of this mighty mountain range.


Being home to 8 of the 14 highest peaks of the world also means pictures of the various mountains that cannot be captured elsewhere.

GokyoRi View Point, Poon hill viewpoint, etc. are among the many spectacular views that can only be reached if one decides to trek to one of the many mountain base camps and foothills.

A Gastronomical Experience Unlike Any Other

Nepal has one of the best known healthy cuisines in all of Asia. Heavily influenced by the neighboring countries of India and China, their food is a unique blend of thousands of years of tradition harmoniously blended with the cultural influence from the other lands.

The protein and energy-rich blend grains, meat and vegetables created by the Nepalese community are famously referred to as “Daal Bhaat”. The trekking community also calls this simple Nepalese cuisine of piping hot lentils and rice as a “Soul Food” due to its intense flavor and therapeutic benefits.

Affordability without compromising on the quality also makes the Nepalese cuisine worth trying out at least once in your lifetime.

 Chance To See The 10 UNESCO Heritage Sites On The Route

Home to 10 most famous UNESCO World Heritage site, Nepal is a unique and unusual country. With a historydating back to millions of years, there is a lot to see in Nepal.

However, many of these heritage sites are located at massive heights and rough terrains. For example, the Muktinath Temple complex is not just a famous pilgrimage destination for Hindus and Buddhists but is also of archaeological importance.

However, it lies at a massive height of 6000 meters above sea level and is the highest temple complex in the world.

Some of the other vital sites include Chitwan National Park, Bhaktapur durbar square, Lumbini, Changunarayan temple, Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Sagarmatha National Park

The Snowball Fight Of A Lifetime

Snow is a common occurrence in almost any mountainous parts of the world. However, the pristine white uninterrupted view of the snow-laden mountains in front of you is an experience unlike any other, especially if the mountain range is the Himalayas.

A snow fight at the foothills of this majestic range is not something that can be experienced every day, everywhere.

Final Words

Even though these ten reasons are enough to draw a travel enthusiast towards Nepal, this country has a vibrant historical and cultural backdrop that is worth exploring and learning about. Most importantly, Nepal is also often known as a Shopper’s paradise due to the very cheap and affordable clothing available.

Clothing like heated jackets, fleece hoodies, thermal wear is sold at every shopping streets of Nepal. These items are quite stylish and of excellent quality, thus making Nepal is a genuine hotspot for the shopaholics. So if it is trekking and shopping that you love, there is no other better place to go for vacation tan Nepal. Plan your next trekking trip to Nepal right away!

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