The New Pattern Of Science Question Paper For 2020


Science subjects are always like a monster to the students and if you are planning for becoming doctors, you have to crack the NEET, science subjects are like the golden key to success. It is not so easy to score well in science paper as lots of hard work, dedication is required to get top scores in science. So, it’s quite obvious that it seems like a monster to all students. Most of the students feel adrenaline rush while they are going to face these monster subjects in the exam hall. But the recent change in the exam pattern as well as in the science paper makes the monster paper easier for the students.

It is quite natural that a sudden change can bring major effects on the mind of the students. So, don’t panic about the new pattern of science papers and go through the changes properly so that you can understand how to take the preparation for scoring well in a science paper. So, check below to get an insight into the question pattern and format of the question papers.

Importance Of Go Through The New Pattern 

The Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced a new pattern in the science paper. As there is very little time left for the students for the final touch, it’s equally important for them to go through the new pattern so that the students can make proper exam strategy and revision plan to hit this monster exam.

Once you go through the new pattern, you will understand the new exam pattern, question types, weightage of chapters and about the marking schemes. It will be beneficial for the students and will help them to shape their future better.

Introduction To A New Pattern For Science Papers

Generally, the previous years’ question papers comprise of 100 marks. The students have to take too much stress to prepare for the full 100 marks examination. Now, it’s time for the students to get rid of all the anxiety, stress as the CBSE board has made it easier for all the students. As per the recent change in the science paper, now science exam will be comprised of two components.

It’s really like a blessing in disguise for the students as now they only have to appear for 80 marks written examination. Though it may seem surprising for the students that they only have to prepare for 20 marks in the internal exam, it’s true. So, while you are preparing for the internal exam, you need to keep in mind that it’s very important for you to clear; otherwise, you can’t appear for the written exam.

Different Activities Of Internal Assessment 

Now, the CBSE students can cheer up as they don’t have to give 100 marks exam anymore. The new pattern requires only 20 marks internal exam that has been conducted through different marking schemes. According to the new rule, the periodic Assessment has been set for 10 marks, 5 marks are given for the portfolio and the remaining 5 marks are for subject enrichment that is practical work.

The science theory paper has been conducted based on the recent academic session. So, are you ready to hit this monster exam, if still not, practice a lot, give a mock test and get ready to score good grades in the exam.

Structure Of The Science Paper

Are you planning an exam strategy for the science paper? Then you must have a detailed account of the structure of the science paper. This helps you to have a clear idea about the weight of the chapters.

Once, you will have a basic idea about the chapter then it will become easier for you to understand which area you have to emphasize on. According to the new pattern, CBSE science papers have 30 questions for the students that comprised of three different sections like A, B and C. In the first section, the students have to attend 14 objective type questions like MCQ, VSA along with the assertion reason question for 1 mark each. So, do you want to know about the second section? If yes, then you must know that the second section compromises of 10 short questions that will carry 3 marks for each. The third section features 6 long questions that are for 5 marks only. So, now, you can have a basic idea about the new pattern of science paper. So, just relax and you can follow the solved science question paper for great success. All the best for your exam!

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