Ultimate Guide to Get New Websites Ideas – 2019

New website ideas

There are currently more than 2 million website users in the world and that number of users is increasing every day. Nowadays, people love websites because of the convenience and functionalities. These websites have simplified our lives and simplify every day’s tasks.

Many startups web Development Company in India have sprung up all over the world and share how do they come up with these website ideas and can you do it too?

This ultimate guide will take you through some key strategies you can apply to come up with some great website ideas.

The 4 Unique Website Ideas in 2019

Find below a comprehensive guide to get new Websites Ideas that can actually make you money fast.

1. The Iceberg Approach

The Iceberg Approach is divided into two phases, The Idea creation phase, and The Idea validation phase. The idea creation phase is the part of the iceberg above the water, and covers some key brainstorming strategies and The Idea validation phase is the part of the iceberg below the water, and covers some essential steps for verifying the business potential of your ideas. The size of the iceberg illustrates the amount of idea topics you should have at the different stages. The amount of ideas will increase throughout the idea creation phase where you come up with high-level topics, niche topics within those, and maybe even niche topics within those again. And with a solid number of topics in place, you start the idea validation phase. The amount of ideas will then decrease as you exclude those that does not have a business potential.

2. Select the right tool to build a website

With so many options available today, it can be difficult to choose the best platform for the website. Choosing the right platform upon which you build your site will be one of the most important decisions you make. This choice is critical because you’ll be tied to that platform for some time and it is very difficult to move your website from one platform to another.

3. Identify the Market:

The market you are targeting can have a huge impact on the success of your new and creative website idea. A lot of new website ideas can be generated just by analyzing the need of the market. Identifying your market is not only important for coming up with website ideas but also to check their market standing. By launching your website in a beta phase and using the lean startup methodology you can ensure that your target market actually needs your app.

4. Think outside the Box

Just for a change, create some product, then give challenge to yourself to a new and creative solution. Still there is no rule that states if your site cannot be accessible. So instead of restrain your ideas around these rules, build the idea and find new and unique ways to make it work.


Remember one thing that nothing you do in website creation is permanent. Many websites evolve as time goes by. For the best development, you can in the beginning with your website and to always look for opportunities to improve it. There are always more things to learn in order to get a simple website ideas, so feel free to visit FutureProfilez website to improve your webmaster skills and hire best web developers from India.

I hope you find the article “ultimate guide to get new website ideas” helpful? If not then what are your thoughts on this, do let’s know via the comment box below.

Happy New website creation!!

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