Offers that you must avoid for Online Slots

When you enter an online casino you will be met with a vast selection of bonus offers. Gambling providers have created these offers to keep the game more exciting for customers and to provide them with extra perks for their money. Sounds good right? We recommend that you make use of bonus offers as they can play to your advantage, but keep in mind that not all offers are worth your time and money. In this article, we will look at some best slots bonuses and offers that you should avoid when playing online slots.

Online Slots

Welcome bonus variety

A welcome bonus is a great way to kick-start your gaming session. It will most often give you credit to match your deposit (i.e. deposit £10 and play with £20) and might also reward you with some additional perks like 10, 20 or 30 free spins or a 24-hour free bingo. Now that’s a bonus that sounds like fun! We recommend that you make use of a welcome offer in most instances, but here comes an example of a welcome bonus that you should avoid:

  • Deposit £20 and play with £70! £50 totally free, at your disposal. X100 wagering requirement applies.

As you are able to tell, the catch here is the x100 wagering requirement. The bonus is generous to begin with but the chances to complete the offer by playing through £7000 are unfortunately very slim. You might enjoy the game, but you are likely to never withdraw any winnings with this type of a deal.

It might be smart to go for a £10 welcome bonus instead, where you will deposit £10 and play with £20. The amount of free credit here is clearly smaller and so are the wagering requirements. The norm for this worth of a deal is more or less x30 wagering requirements. Now that’s a bit more realistic!

Open ended terms and conditions – a red flag

A player should always avoid bonuses that have open-ended conditions, like subject to a wager pattern review or subject to casino’s review. This type of bonus allows the casino to interpret your situation as per their wishes and will often play out to punish the player.

Always make sure that the terms and conditions for a bonus offer are clear and complete. You will be looking for: what are the wagering requirements? Is there a winnings withdraw cap? Is the offer limited by a certain amount of time (if yes, do you think you’ll be able to fulfil the conditions during that time)? Is it mentioned whether the bonus is available only on certain slots?

Sticky Bonuses

This is a type of bonus which gives it away in the title. It is sticky, meaning that the bonus stays with the casino and cannot be withdrawn. These will often be large and attractive bonuses with the condition that the player will only be able to withdraw the cash prizes that were won while using the bonus. For example, you receive a £50 sticky bonus and win £100. Once you fulfill the wagering requirements, you will be able to withdraw your funds minus £50.

What a way to ruin the fun! To quickly recap, you should always read the terms and conditions of bonus offers carefully and choose only the best, clear and suitable offers. We wish you huge wins!

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