Сolleges for Students with Learning Disabilities

How could society help young students with learning disabilities to study in college? Specialized institutes for youth with extra needs have particular conditions that make the studying process more comfortable.

A student with disabilities has special needs for health care and teaching guidance. Therefore colleges have more specialized features for these students than ordinary studying institutes. To make student’s life more comfortable with home tasks as well, they may appeal to such online services as GPALabs and read many samples of college term papers.

As another majority of students, students with disabilities need committed, well-trained, and knowledgeable education specialists. These teachers have to know how to manage with such most common studying disabilities as dyscalculia, processing deficits, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). Even if person faces some health instabilities but wants to study, the government has to ensure this right to them.

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Colleges for students with learning disabilities become on higher demand every day. Therefore we dedicate the next list to the eight most popular studying institutions in the US for these requirements.

American University

Washington, District of Columbia

This studying institute proposes a wide choice of multidisciplinary studies. First-year students of American University are provided by Learning Service Program, which helps to get extra academic support. The program includes individual weekly meetings with program tutor. After the program is completed, students may pass the tests, visit classes, use accommodation, libraries, and other resources.

Ursuline College

Pepper Pike, Ohio

Ursuline College has its unique program for students with learning disabilities: the FOCUS Program allows students to have alternative testing methods, book formats, and notes. At the same time, every student will have their coach for all studying process.

Landmark College

Putney, Vermont

Landmark College’s degrees are concentrated on liberal arts, computer sciences, business, and biological sciences. Among student activities, you may join the choral group, theater group, the campus newspaper, and student-run radio station.

Every student may ask for help from such services as a health clinic, psychological counseling, international students mentoring, and women’s center. Here students get different levels of support. It concerns not only accompaniment educational programs, but therapy options as well (such as pet therapy).

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Buckhannon, West Virginia

Every student of this college gets individual academic guidance. They get step by step instructions on registration, accommodation plans, test-taking locations, and alternative formatted textbooks. This structure simplifies the life of Wesleyan College’s students with learning disabilities and makes the studying process more enjoyable.

Mitchell College

New London, Connecticut

Mitchell College is a four-year studying institution with wide ranges of majors and degrees in marketing, journalism, education, family sciences, and psychology, criminal justice, and much more.

Here students develop their skills in organization, writing, time management, willingness, research, and preparation for tests. The unique program contains three grades. Every new grade support excludes, and the student becomes more independent from the first to the third one.

Daemen College

Amherst, New York

Daemen College has its own atmosphere with significant campus events such as Springfest, Homecoming and Family Weekend, and Midnight Madness. Students also love to join the clubs Game Club, Pride Club, Anime Club, CRU, and Best Buddies.

Everyone gets educational and psychological support when they need it. Also, the leadership of the college organized the College Autism Transition Support program for students with autism diagnose. Students of Daemen College may freely join athletic activities such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball for men and women.

Beacon College

Leesburg, Florida

Beacon College has the highest percentage of students with learning disabilities, which got financial aid and coverage for educational needs.

This college provides both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, which makes its rank higher up to the university’s.

University of Denver

Denver, Colorado

The University of Denver provides students with the Learning Effectiveness Programm, which gives to students weekly instructions on academic advice, discipline-specific mentorship, peer building, and social integration skills.


All people have differences. These colleges allow young people to become a full-fledged part of society.

Every college that is listed earlier has its characteristics, and selection of the studying institution is a very serious process not just for aspirants with learning disabilities, but for ordinary candidates as well.

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