Overlooked Online Branding for Corporate Awareness

Online branding

This is a topic that is very old-fashioned or sounds very 1.0, but is one of the most critical topics that are forgotten or overlooked by business people or today’s business players. Email is not only provided by Google with gmail addresses, many people do not understand this, believe it or not.

What does email have to do with branding? When you use a gmail e-mail address, you immediately tell the world that you don’t have a brand or you don’t understand how to uplift your brand. Don’t get misunderstood, I love Google and gmail but using a free email for business doesn’t give really give a good vibe on your name card or your email. Heck, the extreme business enthusiasts may think you do not respect your own brand.

How do you start your online branding journey?

According to Erik Nainggolan, Founder Soulfy.com. When you create a website using your own domain and use your domain e-mail, you have told the world that you already pass the Brand awareness modest issue, understand the vitality of marketing with your own brand and have some level of professionalism.

Then, your very basic, first tiny baby step is realised. Then you are faced with an even more often overlooked Branding aspect in this very fast and dynamically changing digital era, consistent branding. It is no rocket science, in platforms your next toughest task is to make sure a consistent visual logo branding and wording must be achieved, to provide strong branding. Whether it be in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, IG, Linkedin, and any new emerging platform, or local platform in your native country. Easily overlooked, yet powerful. A simple difference of “-“, “_”, “.”, let alone a difference in letter or abbreviation, would simply MAY mean it is different from the brand you are trying to socialise.

Why is branding online important?

According to Digital Marketing expert, as the world is getting more connected. Consumers tend to search for information online because it is readily available to them within the click or touched. Not only your website is available to them, but also relevant news but feedback as well. You can run but you cannot hid from the power of internet. If your email and website is from a free source, likely your potential customers might rethink about your commitment to the business.


Now, so why this “1.0” issue still relevant today? Well, let say there are more than seventy million small and medium business out there that are still far from practicing proper branding practices. As a matter of fact, they are still thinking they are all caught up. Competition is intense but businesses survive by moving ahead. If you have not start with “1.0” what do you think is the latest version other brands online are using? The online economy is estimated to worth one billion a day. How much of this big pie belongs to you? If not its really time to jump into action and compete with other brands online.

Author Bio-

Leon Lim is the article contributor for Leoacle Consulting. He is specalised with business consultancy, digital marketing and technology. He spent his time helping small business to grow in the competitive Singapore marketing.

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