Online Gaming, Why Is It So Popular?

Online gaming has become the pastime of millions worldwide. Technological advancement has driven the games industry to dizzying heights. Not only has it seen considerable growth over the last decade, but the market is projected to grow to 2.2 trillion dollars by the end of 2021. So, what makes it so popular?

Online Gaming


Although hardcore gamers like to invest in the latest graphics card and a high-tech setup, for most people, gaming is fairly accessible. Most people today own a smartphone or some kind of device, and there are a plethora of free games available to download. Gone are the days where you would sit in a doctor’s waiting room and flick through celebrity magazines scattered around for your enjoyment. Now you can enter a new world of fantasy and intrigue and solve puzzles, play live games, drive a crazy little car, or burst bubble for points. Many games are user-friendly, and it doesn’t take too long to pick up the rules. No more boring commutes or dull evenings.


In the early days of computing, the availability of games was limited; not many people owned computers, and smartphones had yet to be invented. Now choices seem limitless. There are games for every genre and style. If you want an energy outlet, you can play alien blasting games or more adult alternatives such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto. There are also games such as online scrabble and chess, and you can even dabble in a mobile casino with free play options and prizes for winners. You’ll find simple instructions for new games and some old favorites like roulette and blackjack.

Graphics & AI

Just when you think graphics can’t get any better, they do. Enhanced features can blur the visual lines between reality and fiction, and it’s easy to understand why gaming captures the attention of many around the world. Graphics are so sharp they almost resemble the real world, and gaming is pure escapism. Artificial intelligence has created non-human opponents taking gaming to a new level. Learning to outwit a computer is challenging and has been proved to be great for sharpening cognitive abilities and developing quick processing skills.


Although some would consider online gaming to be a solitary hobby, many people play for the connection they find with others. Most popular games have multi-player options, and you can join an online team or form your own. You should always consider internet safety and not give out personal information just in case, but in general, gaming can build a social network that you may not have in the real world.

In light of recent world events, gaming has been the ‘go-to’ place to connect with friends and enjoy socializing while staying safe at home. Being part of something and joining a community can have a positive impact on those who struggle to make friends, are shy, or don’t get out much due to failing health. For these people, gaming is not isolating; it is empowering and enables them to interact with others.

Although it is a debatable subject, the world of online gaming has a loyal following and will be part of the modern world for a long time to come.

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