Oxford MBA Acceptance Rate: What You Need to Know

Explore the factors that influence your chances of joining the prestigious Oxford MBA program.

If you’re considering applying to the prestigious Oxford MBA program, you’re probably curious about the acceptance rate and your chances of being admitted. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the Oxford MBA acceptance rate, the factors that influence it, and how you can improve your chances of securing a spot in this competitive program.

Understanding the Oxford MBA Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for the Oxford MBA program fluctuates every year, depending on the number of applications received and the quality of applicants. It is essential to understand that the acceptance rate doesn’t paint the complete picture of your chances of being admitted. While the Oxford MBA acceptance rate has historically ranged from 15% to 30%, keep in mind that there are multiple factors at play.

Factors Influencing the Acceptance Rate

  • Quality of applicants

The acceptance rate for the Oxford MBA program can be influenced by the quality of applicants in a given year. If there is a high number of exceptional applicants, the acceptance rate may be lower. Conversely, if there are fewer outstanding candidates, the acceptance rate could be higher.

  • Application volume

The number of applications received by the program can also impact the acceptance rate. Higher application volume might lead to a lower acceptance rate, while a smaller applicant pool could result in a higher acceptance rate.

  • Diversity goals

Oxford MBA aims to maintain a diverse student body, which means they take into account factors such as nationality, gender, industry experience, and educational background when admitting students. This can also have an impact on the acceptance rate.

The Application Process and Requirements

To better understand the Oxford MBA acceptance rate, it’s essential to be familiar with the application process and requirements.

Application form

The first step in the application process is to complete the online application form. This includes providing your personal information, academic background, and work experience.


You will need to submit a current resume or CV detailing your work experience, education, and any relevant achievements.

Test scores

Oxford MBA requires either a GMAT or GRE score. The average GMAT score for admitted students is around 690, while the average GRE score is 161 for both verbal and quantitative sections. However, keep in mind that a high test score alone does not guarantee admission.


You must submit essays addressing specific questions posed by the admissions committee. These essays provide an opportunity to showcase your unique perspective, goals, and how the Oxford MBA program aligns with your career aspirations.


You are required to provide two professional recommendations, preferably from individuals who have supervised you in a professional context.


Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview, either in person or via video conference. This is a crucial step in the admissions process, as it allows the admissions committee to assess your fit for the program.

Improving Your Chances of Admission

While the Oxford MBA acceptance rate can seem daunting, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of being admitted.

  • Strengthen your application

Take the time to craft a compelling application that showcases your unique strengths, achievements, and fit for the program. Be genuine and thoughtful in your essays, and provide detailed examples to support your claims.

  • Ace your test scores

While a high GMAT or GRE score alone won’t guarantee admission, it can certainly improve your chances. Invest time in preparing for these tests and aim for a score above the program’s average.

  • Gain relevant work experience

Having relevant work experience can help you stand out from the competition.

  • Demonstrate leadership potential

The Oxford MBA program values candidates who exhibit strong leadership potential. Showcase your leadership experiences, either in your professional or personal life, to highlight your ability to make a positive impact in the program and beyond.

  • Network with alumni and current students

Connecting with alumni and current students can provide valuable insights into the program and help you tailor your application. Networking can also demonstrate your genuine interest in the program and provide you with advocates who may speak to your fit during the admissions process.

  • Attend admissions events

Attending admissions events, such as information sessions and webinars, is an excellent way to learn more about the program and ask any questions you might have. These events also provide an opportunity to demonstrate your interest in the Oxford MBA program and connect with admissions representatives.

  • Prepare for the interview

If you are shortlisted for an interview, take the time to prepare thoroughly. Research common interview questions, practice your responses, and think about how you can best convey your fit for the program. Remember, the interview is a two-way conversation, so be prepared to ask insightful questions as well.

  • Highlight your unique qualities

With a competitive acceptance rate, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. Emphasize your unique qualities, experiences, and perspectives in your application to showcase what makes you an exceptional candidate for the Oxford MBA program.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

It’s also essential to consider the financial aspect of pursuing an Oxford MBA. The program offers several scholarships and financial aid options to help admitted students fund their education.

Oxford-Adara Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to outstanding female candidates from Africa, who demonstrate a commitment to addressing social and economic challenges on the continent.

Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship:
This prestigious scholarship covers tuition and living expenses for up to five students per year, who demonstrate exceptional leadership potential and a commitment to addressing global challenges.

Other scholarships

The Oxford MBA program offers numerous additional scholarships based on merit, nationality, and specific criteria. Ensure you research all available scholarships and apply for those relevant to your situation.

Financial aid

Oxford University offers financial aid options, such as loans and bursaries, to help students fund their education. Research and apply for any financial assistance you may be eligible for to ease the financial burden of your MBA journey.


While the Oxford MBA acceptance rate may seem intimidating, remember that acceptance rates are just one factor to consider when applying. By focusing on crafting a compelling application, demonstrating your fit for the program, and following the tips outlined in this article, you can improve your chances of securing a spot in this prestigious program. Take the time to research, prepare, and network to showcase your unique qualities and make a lasting impression on the admissions committee. Good luck with your application, and we hope to see you at the University of Oxford soon!

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