6 Actionable Personal Branding Tips For Social Media

Personal Branding

To think of it, every person is a brand. There is so much that is unique to everyone, even though everyone as a species – homo sapien – is similar. Not everyone, naturally, wants to make himself famous as a brand. But for those of you who do, for those offering the audience with something that they are apparently liking, making use of, be it a product or service or even content, then here is something that you could possibly use. In this blog, we will be discussing about personal branding and how to go about it. If you’re unaware of the term, Personal Branding refers to marketing people and their careers as brands. Just like the brands that are offering goods and services, companies that have taken years to gain credibility and establish a strong foothold in the market, a person needs to take conscious efforts towards building his/her brand.

Why personal branding? Well, it is essential to convert your presence in the market from an individual to a brand because that gives you a unique identity, and something for the audience to remember particularly. This could be a logo, or the color scheme you use, the words you say or the way you handle your social media. The whole idea here is to increase your recall and recognition in the minds of the customers – or rather the target customers.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to market yourself – and do a pretty good job at that – for the benefit of your brand, that is none other than, you yourself. You can also seek help from WalnutFolks to get some tips, suggestions or efforts for your personal branding.

1. Decide your target audience

Millions of people are on social media, and it is practically impossible or highly unlikely that the content you’re providing on your social media is meant for every single person out there. One thing that you need to get clarity on is your target audience. Is it the people in their teenage, or is it meant for a rather bigger side of numbers? What we are talking about here is a demographic analysis of the audience in relationship to what your forte is, and then finally deciding your target audience who is going to form a major chunk of the people who consume your content. This will make sure that you are well aware of the trends when it comes to what your target audience likes, so you will be able to generate more likeable, interesting and meaningful content overall and in particular for that age group.

2. Be an expert

This comes without saying that if you are ready enough to mark yourself as a brand, having a unique identity for everything that you’re providing your audience, you should be an expert in your field. This not only ensures that you’ll be giving out nothing but quality content, the right answers when questions are shot, but also increases your credibility in the industry. More credibility, more followers and vice versa.

3. Choose the right medium

Taking cue from the first point, like it was said, the age group or the demography of the audience you cater to will pretty much help you decide which platform you should select for communication. Your primary audience might be more active on Instagram as compared to Twitter, so you need to decide accordingly.

4. Two way communication

Remember, it is social media, so, it is all about socialising. Your content is being loved by your audience, they’re appreciating you, you’re providing some exceptional quality of content, it’s all alright. But what is really going to make a difference for you as a brand, and will help you stand out is how well you have a conversation with your audience, or engage them to provide feedback, answer your questions, give their suggestions. If you are approachable, it would give a sense of importance to the audience, and it is going to ensure some impressive loyalty or even fan following!

5. Maintain consistency

One of the most important points for you to remember. After quality, it is the consistency of the content and its quality that are going to play an extremely important role in personal branding. You can’t be uploading once a week now, then take a break for a month, and then upload twice in a week after a month. There are some standards that you need to match in order to live up to the status of a brand. The things that will make you a brand are the very things that will help you become a strong brand. Also, ensure that the quality of your content is not degrading gradually. Pay good attention to what people are saying in the comments section, and if there’s a feedback that you can actually use to improve your content, try it.

6. Stand out

The best part about social media is also what makes it such a hard nut to crack. With so many people ready to put their content up across platforms, everything being so nice and cheap (as good as free). But the challenge here is to stand out from your fellow content creators, providing something in such a way that sticks with the audience. You can do this in the way you present your content or talk to your audience, but definitely, it has to be your unique own way. Best of luck figuring that out!

Personal branding is essential to establish a strong foothold in the industry. It not only distinguishes you from your competitors, but earns a sort of goodwill that helps you in many aspects, commercial and non-commercial. So if you think that you might be ready to become a brand now, don’t think much, and start the branding!

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