Personalization Trend In Supplements

With the continuous innovation of technology and delivery formats, personalization in dietary supplement programs continues to rise. It can’t be denied that in this digital and modern era, many things already come in a high level of customization. However, customization is almost taken for granted by many individuals.

Consumers have a lot of choices, including subscribing or filtering out others. Some people still prefer to view traditional TV, which is on a specific channel during a specific time. However, streaming services make the life of consumers easier by making the availability of content anywhere and anytime on different screens.

With these customizations, it is not surprising if the industry of dietary supplements becomes more personalized. In the past five years, the personalization trend in supplements already started and is continually increasing these days. A survey of dietary supplement users was conducted yearly by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. The 2019’s CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements advise avenues for advanced companies to explore.

Currently, caplets and tablets are still the top popular delivery format for all supplement users. Meanwhile, the top delivery among the 18 to 34 years old demographic is gummies. It is the second most famous delivery among 35 to 54 years old supplement users.

As the market adjusted to this reality, it is believed that the gummies can soon be the overall preferred Custom Vitamin Packaging in the next few years. In addition, another rising personalization trend in supplements is powdered delivery forms. Even though it doesn’t claim to have a high market share, it is highly preferred by individuals 18 to 34 years old group which is 10% of the market. It can be a start of the rise of powdered delivery preferences.

Aside from the evolving personalization of dietary supplements, the reasons for taking the product also evolves. Consumers don’t take supplements just to enhance their general health and wellness. The reasons for taking dietary supplements are both inconsistent and consistent among 3 adult age groups, including 55 and above, 35 to 54 years old, and 18 to 34 years old.

It is a fact that for decades, wellness benefits and overall health were the number one reason for taking dietary supplements. The consumers who belong to this group are about 39% of the users.

Gaining energy is currently the number 2 overall reason for dietary supplement intake. The consumers, for this reason, are about 31% of the users. On the other hand, energy is the top reason at 42% of 18 to 34 years old who consume dietary supplements.

Other uses of dietary supplements

Some other uses of dietary supplements also increase in popularity. More consumers take supplements for sleep support, healthy aging, and immune health. Within just a few years, the market has evolved from fulfilling nutritional gaps to optimize wellness and health and, these days, segmenting to different life hacks to meet the personalized and specific needs of consumers.

Obviously, there are lots of opportunities for customization. Most users stated that ‘more personalization’ is the reason why an individual may consider taking dietary supplements in the future. The highest percentage naming customization is in the 18 to 34 years old group.

Technology innovation ensures to increase the personalization trend in supplements. As of now, there is higher awareness about individualized nutrition and health needs. It can be through DNA tests, medical professionals’ counseling, or smartwatches and phone apps. Individuals are now more concerned with their bodies compared to before. There is also a more demanding customized nutrition these days.

Innovative companies take action to meet the demands of consumers

Many innovative companies take action to meet the demands of consumers. Some provide short questionnaires regarding lifestyle. Then, they recommend supplement regimens and advise important motivations aligned with the current needs of consumers, like making a gratitude list, taking a deep breath, and more.

Some companies also provide access to registered nutritionists, coaches, dietitians, and trainers to offer support and personal accountability for their customers. Generally, technology innovation plays a big role in changing different aspects of life, including dietary supplements personalization.

In today’s modern times, people view the world with individualized lenses and demand customized experience when it comes to consumer health products. In the next few years, brands that capitalize on this personalization trend can benefit more in the market. Providing customers the best treatment and accommodating their wants and needs can be the key factors for long-term success in the dietary supplements industry.

Benefits Of Personalization Trend In Supplements

Thanks to advanced technology, the personalization trend in supplements can provide lots of benefits to both consumers and brands.

  • Provide more customized experience for customers

With the help of personalization in dietary supplements, consumers can have a more customized experience when it comes to availing their health product needs. It can also increase the motivation and awareness of consumers in improving their energy levels and overall health. It can give them easy accessibility to the dietary supplements they need.

  • Offer opportunities for brands

Aside from dietary supplement users, brands of the product can also benefit from this personalization trend. Thus, they can satisfy their customers more as they meet their specific needs. It can also help brands to increase their recognition in the industry. With that, they can increase the number of their customers who will buy their products. It can help businesses to increase their sales and profits by offering what their customers need.

  • Offers convenience for supplement users

The personalization trend in supplements can offer a high level of convenience for consumers. It can be easy for them to avail the supplements they need daily.


To sum it up, technology is essential in transforming the personalization trends in dietary supplements and delivery formats. With that, many consumers of different age groups can benefit from their specific needs. This customization can offer more convenience and satisfaction for consumers. Meanwhile, brands can also take advantage of this personalization trend. Thus, they can improve their brand recognition by gaining the trust of their customers by offering more customized services.

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