3+ Best Online Ping Tools to Ping Website to Search Engines for Faster Indexing 2019

Ping tools I used to ping my blog

The Ping tools or ping sites are developed to help every blogger Index their blog posts or websites to the major search engines like Google or Bing faster.

As a blogger, no matter how well-optimized your contents (blog posts) without being indexed by search engines,

Sorry mate! It won’t be visible to searchers and automatically that means no Organic traffic for your blog or that particular URL!

The use of ping sites or ping tools should not be underestimated in your day-to-day blogging activities.

Why?  Because…

Even some of the SEO experts who really know their jobs use pinging tools because it’s a very simple way to get their new post backlinks profiles indexed fast on the web for natural organic traffic.

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You have done all sorts of On-Page SEO optimization to index a new website or a blog post to search engines but all to no avail, if you find yourself in such situation then, high quality free Ping Submission Sites are all you really need to index your website posts in Google search, Bing, Yahoo, etc easily and faster in less than 24 hours.

What are Ping Sites Or Ping Tools?

Ping sites also called ping tools, are online based programs that lets search engines keep a record of your web pages for organic search and results.

Out of hundreds and thousands of online ping website tools, here in this post, we will show you the 3 fast indexing tool that ensures faster crawling of your web page by major search engines to get your URLs indexed.

Warning! Pinging your web page on too many online ping submission sites may harm your website, it’s recommended you stick to 3 ping sites as maximum for great SEO results.

I would advise you to stick to the free  ping sites list (3) mentioned in this post.

To begin, first of all, visit any of the Ping sites list below and type or copy and paste the website address that you want  to Ping and write the title of that page, next click on ping or submit button to start the process. In a few seconds you will get a confirmation message.

Following are some best free Ping Submission Sites that will help you index your blog posts and website fast and easily in no time. You can select any one of these ping tools based on your choice.

Best of all, none of them requires registration or signup that makes the process quick and easy…!

Easily Indexed your website, blog posts, backlinks with these free ping submission websites:


This is one of the most popular ping tools that allows free submission to over 20+ search engines. PINGOMATIC is a tool that I have been using to ping my website for faster index for free.

Here is a screenshot of their main page, where I’m pinging one of my blog post.

Pingomatic(best free ping site)


If you are looking for the best ping tools to use, pingoat is a recent addition that I find to be worthy of mentioning here. It’s one of the best ping sites to index any URL very fast.

Having said that, it’s a free ping website tool with over 1000 directories to submit your website for faster index. This tool can help you indexed any URL along with your target keywords as an anchor text by simply write the keywords in “Blog Name” area.

Best Ping tools - ping sites to boost up indexing

PingOat is also another best ping tools on my list with simple interface.


TotalPing is one of best free ping sites to boost up website indexing for free. You also have the option to sellect all ping submission websites at once which makes it easy to use.

TotalPing, best free ping website

You can use TOTALPING to index your blog posts or backlinks profiles for your website.

Bonus List [Ping Sites List]

Our bonus list include one of the best  Paid & free Online Ping Website Tool called “OnHourIndexing”. Unlike the other 3 ping my websites mentioned earlier, One Hour Indexing is a paid ping tool with a very reasonable price. OneHourIndexing als offer a free version as well but with limited options.

One Hour Indexing (best ping submission website)

You can check out this tool here free.

This article has show you some of the fastest and most trusted ping tools that you can use right now for indexing your blog easily. For bloggers looking for best free ping sites, the above listed ping tools is enough for you to to ping your blog or website for better indexing and #1 ranking on Google for higher click through rates.

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