10 Best PinoyFlix Alternatives to Try Out in 2024

Pinoyflix is a streaming site that offers Filipino movies and TV shows in HD on any device. It is available in the Philippines and other countries with a large Filipino population to watch Filipino movies online free.

PinoyFlix was a platform that enjoyed widespread popularity and offered users the ability to stream movies and TV shows for free.

Unfortunately, the official PinoyFlix was just discontinued. As a result, this article will present you with a list of the best working PinoyFlix alternatives that you can use to watch movies, a variety of Filipino movies, and series.

Since PinoyFlix TV is no longer working, it’s important to find some alternatives to enjoy Pinoyflix full movies online. There are several free movie apps and sites that are like PinoyFlix with HD content. This post will give you a list of the top 8 alternatives to PinoyFlix to.

Tips: Pinoyflixtvs should be your first choice if you want to watch Filipino movies and TV shows free in HD.

What Is PinoyFlix?

If you love watching unlimited Pinoy movies and TV shows online that are usually available on popular streaming platforms, PinoyFlix offers them for free. In fact, PinoyFlix is an online Pinoy movie streaming platform that gives you free access to watch movies and TV shows on your computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet for movies. You don’t actually need to pay a subscription fee. Regardless, the case with most free streaming websites is that they make their commissions or income through other methods.


  • New Episode
  • Fast Servers
  • Stream the Episode in Full HD
  • It’s Completely Free!

Check out this list of the 8 best PinoyFlix alternatives below. We have tested their top features and working links to suit your needs.

8 Best PinoyFlix Alternatives to Watch Full Pinoy Movies and TV Shows Online Free

1. Pinoyteleserye.su

If you want to find a well-organized alternative to PinoyFlix, Pinoyteleserye is a nice choice. It has a large library of Filipino movies and TV shows, and it’s very easy for you to find the content you love. With this platform, you can watch your favorite Pinoy tambayan teleserye replay, Pinoy Channel, Pinoy TV series and Pinoy TV shows online for free! But it’s an ad-supported streaming site, so you may be interrupted while enjoying movies on this best Philippines series website.

2. Pinoytvflix.net

Pinoytvflix - PinoyFlix Alternatives

Pinoytvflix is a good alternative to PinoyFlix for watching shows and TV series in HD. In addition, a wide range of TV shows and Filipino films are available through the service. Moreover, it’s almost universally compatible with all media streaming devices. Pinoytvflix may be helpful if you are looking for how to download in pinoyflix or want to download shows and movies for offline viewing. – Check also Pinoy movies online free 123movies

3. Pinoyflixx.su


In addition to PinoyFlix, Pinoyflixx is one of the greatest Filipino streaming sites for watching TV shows. It is completely free and allows you to view thousands of movies, series, live Pinoy TV, Pinoy Teleserye, Pinoy Lambingan, and more from more than 250 channels. It will also list the most recent hit movies so that you can simply find and enjoy these films. – Where to watch Filipino movies Reddit.

4. Pinoyhdflix.su

Pinoyhdflix su is an amazing Pinoyflix full movie replacement if you enjoy high-definition movies. It has a user-friendly design and a wide selection of high-quality movies and television series. It’s a completely free source that doesn’t require registration or subscription, and it doesn’t bring up too many ads. Here you will find all the new Pinoy movies in 2024.

5. Pinoyflixi.su

Pinoyflixi su Watch Full Pinoy Movies and TV Shows Online Free.

This is another simple alternative to PinoyFlix apk that allows users to watch Filipino movies online for free. Additionally, you won’t need a subscription to watch the latest PinoyFlix full episodes and TV shows. It has never and will never cost you anything.

In addition to this, it provides a variety of films, such as comedies, dramas, action films, thrillers, and so on. If you are searching for where to watch classic Filipino movies, PinoyFlixi.su is a go-to option for you!

6. Pinoylambinganflix.su

It is also regarded as one of the most innovative Philippines series websites that are comparable to PinoyFlix. If you have access to the internet, you can watch any movie or episode of any television show, PINOY CHANNEL as many times as you choose.

If the movie you want to watch is not accessible, it will attempt to locate the most suitable alternative for streaming. You also have the option of watching films with or without the original language subtitles.

7. Pinoymovies.es


Watch Full Episodes of Pinoy TV Shows and Movies Online. Watch free online Filipino motion pictures. You can watch Filipino television shows online. Over 5,000 Filipino movies are available to stream for free.

8. Tagalogdubbed.com


Another PinoyFlix alternative site to watch Pinoy movies and TV shows with a Tagalog dubbed. This website has ultimate collections of movies from Sribats75, as well as Korean Tagalog Dubbed and Korean Dubbed Films.

FAQs – PinoyFlix Alternatives
What are the best PinoyFlix alternatives?

There are many FREE Filipino movie streaming sites, but some of the best similar to PinoyFlix right now are Pinoyflixtvs, Pinoytambay.su, Pinoyhdflix.su and pinoyteleserye.su and many others on the list including the PinoyFlix su which offer HD streaming for free.

Is PinoyFlix safe?

When it comes to research PinoyFlix seems like an option to use. However, in my view, free websites often have their downsides such, as potentially harmful content, copyright infringements, and other issues. It’s always important to access these sites at your risk but be sure to do so securely by using reliable security software like NordVPN.

Can you download movies from PinoyFlix?

No there is actually a way to download movies from PinoyFlix. You just need to select the movie or show you want to watch click on the “Play” button and if you encounter any issues, with streaming there should be a “Stream not working? Click here” option that allows you to download instead. Therefore, it’s generally not recommended to download anything from streaming websites as it can be risky.

Where can I watch free pinoy tambayan ofw movies online?

There are plenty of websites that offer you the chance to watch a range of pinoy movies and TV shows without charge. Aside, from PinoyFlix TV our guide explores 10 alternatives that you might find interesting to enjoy title as Wow Pinoy Tambayan, and Pinoy Teleserye Flix.

Wrapping Up

And that concludes our coverage of PinoyFlix and its features. If you’re interested in discovering additional websites for streaming free Filipino movies and TV shows online, we’ve compiled a list of alternative options to Pinoy Flix Tambayan that you can explore. To ensure a safer browsing experience, we suggest considering FastestVPN for improved speeds, enhanced security, and fewer interruptions from ads.

If you know of any additional sites like PinoyFlix or Cinesilip Pinoy tv for watching Filipino movies online for free, please post them in the comments section below.

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