The Popular And Simplistic Dewy Makeup Look Decoded!

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There was a time when people loaded their faces with layers of makeup. It was back then when people aimed for a structured face and highlighted features.

But with the out-spread of the work culture, it becomes very difficult to sit with your makeup kit for two to three hours. Spending that much time before leaving for office seems impossible.

This is how the ‘natural makeup’ look became the most popular choice. Not to forget that this makeup look is very easy to attain and leaves a youthful impression on your face.

Korea, Saudi Arabia and America are the countries where makeup products are very popular and play a big role in molding the society. The natural look was more about the nude shades but today we will discuss about the Dewy Makeup.

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What is Dewy Makeup?

Dewy Makeup is the opposite of the famous matte makeup look; dewy look leaves a wet and moist look on the face. Dewy makeup reflects light off the face and has a very fresh and healthy finish. This look leaves the face clear and highlighted.

This water like glow gives you a very radiant and youthful finish. But this look is more about the skin rather than the heavy and expensive makeup. A daily care of your skin can help you attain this look very easily.

Sunscreen cream

How to attain Dewy look through skin care?

  • Use that Mist!

One of the most basic ways to have that dewy look is to mist your face all day long! Hydration is the most important factor when it comes to skin care. If your face is not hydrated then you can’t have this look.

The best way to get the dewy look with the help of the mist is by locking mist between two layers of moisturizers. This will help the mist to seep inside the skin.

  • Under-eye masks

Although the dewy look highlights a natural face but the face must be spotless and free from discoloration. The most discolored part of our face is the dark circles under our eyes.

To remove dark circle you must apply an under-eye mask every week. The face looks fuller and younger without dark circles. Remember that the skin under your eyes is very delicate and must be dealt with very carefully.

  • Sunscreen cream

This step is a must for everybody; sunscreen cream can protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. Sunscreen blocks the harmful rays and keeps your skin hydrated.

You should reapply sunscreen every two to three hours; this helps to calm your skin throughout the day and gives a beautiful natural glow and radiance.

How to attain the dewy look through makeup?

Dewy makeup

1. Primer and Foundation

Apply a matte primer, a shade close to your skin. This will help your skin to have an even finish on which the other makeup products will follow.

Now apply a light weight but illuminating foundation. The coverage should be full but it should not be loaded. You can use concealer to cover the unwanted blemishes.

2. Blush and Lip Gloss

Blushing up your cheeks is very important as it can help you add a natural flush to your skin. The blusher should be applied on the apples of the cheek.

The best choice would be a pastel or nude lip gloss for the lips. The lip gloss will compliment the wet makeup look and make your lips look very plump.

3. Highlight and Facial Mist

The most important step is to highlight your face after the makeup is done. But the highlight should be very subtle and should be on the natural spots.

After the makeup has been applied you should use the facial mist for the wonderful lock of nutrients in your skin. As mentioned above, the facial mists will provide the dewy glow you require.

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