Get ready for the best UFC match at Prague between Santos and Blachowicz

Thiago Santos and Jan Blachowicz UFC Match 2019

One of the most talked about bouts in the UFC is coming up in 2019 in Prague. Thiago Santos and Jan Blachowicz are going to fight out in Prague in front of a grand audience to display and showcase their skills in a bid to win one of the most hyper UFC matches of all time. Whatever your plans are, if you are a fan of mixed martial arts or MMA then you need to reschedule everything and watch the match live.

The amazing and breathtaking journey which Thiago Santos has had been having shall continue well into the future. Fans will remember the manner in which he became a top face in the division of the light heavyweight fighters recently. This surge in his prowess is slated to continue till at least the early part of 2019.

A match has been already set up between Santos and the presently fourth-ranked contender for the light heavyweight championship, Jan Blachowicz. This match will take place on the 23rd of February in 2019 and would take place during the inaugural visit of UFC in the Czech Republic at Prague. UFC has revealed this information just only recently on the afternoon of the 20th of December in 2018, which is last Friday.

Currently, Santos has a record of twenty wins to six losses. He has a perfect 2-0 stoppage time wins over Ervk Anders and the great Jimi Manuwa, among other people. These wins have come since the time he moved right into the division of the light heavyweight after which he had also become one of the top ten contenders for the UFC middleweight championship. Santos is presently thirty-four years old, and he is from Brazil, and he has a lot of post-match bonuses for his performances. The latest win at UFC 231 on Manuwa shall also probably be the best fight of 2018 according to a lot of critics.

Before he moved up in the weight division, Marreta had almost got a near fifty percent record or a ten to five record in the division of the UFC middleweight which also saw wins in legendary bouts against the likes of Anthony Smith, Nate Marquardt, and even Elias Theodorou.

Jan Blachowicz has a record of twenty-three wins to seven losses. He has had a consecutive winning streak for four consecutive months. This helped his ranks improve as he got in the 2015 division of the UFC. His victories include wars over Jared Cannonie and even Manuwa. Before getting his present amazing form, Blachowicz who is thirty-five years old had struggled for finding two or three points at the most.

The UFC Prague event shall take place in the O2 arena and would also be shown on ESPN live. Different Sports betting systems have different modes of strategizing and information gathering.


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