Most Effective Ways to Make Your Pre-Launch App Marketing Campaign Successful

Do you know the most successful apps are marketed way before they are actually launched and made available to the audience? Well, that is the case with successful app marketing. Earlier you start, the better competitive edge you can garner with your app. The marketing effort before the launch of an app is widely referred as pre-launch marketing which has been a mainstay in the marketing mix of modern apps.

How to start with this? What are the effective ways to get successful with a pre-launch app marketing campaign? Let us explain the key tips and principles.

  • Create The Buyer Personas For Your App

Buyer persona

A successful marketer needs to know the audience for whom the marketing campaign and the message are created. In the context of the app marketing, you need to know for whom you are building your app. Upon knowing this, you need to position your marketing guns to target this audience.

This requires knowing the problems your app solves and the people who need such solutions. Here are some questions that the app marketers need to answer in order to make their marketing strategy perfect.

  1. Who are the people to use this app?
  2. Who are the people to connect with your marketing message and why they will care?
  3. What value you are going to project that has any relevance for them?

The answers to these questions will help you figure out the buyer personas for your app. These answers will also help in giving a precise direction to your marketing campaigns.

  • Study the Competitors

As an app belonging to any niche you must face some competitor apps. If you have direct competition with any app in the market, you can easily access whole array of information and insights about them. Even if you have no direct competition with any app, a deeper market research will fetch you all relevant information and insights about the competitors.

Understand the following aspects to get a clear picture of your competitors.

  1. Which apps are your competitors?
  2. Which competitor apps are popular and why?
  3. Which keywords competitors are targeting with the highest success?
  4. What kind of customer feedback the competitor apps are getting?
  5. How you can add value to your app over and above the competitor apps?
  6. What important features or UX elements they missed in their app?

Start Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing Early


Even if you have decided to market the app before launch, start with it as early as possible. Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing helps apps to create a buzz within an audience who are going to stay at your side all the time.

To mobilise support for the app first reach out to the neighbors, peer groups, friends, family, colleagues, well wishes, customers and all those people in your immediate connection. Take their suggestions, engage with their opinions and reach out to them instantly after the app is launched.

  • Build A Website for the App

For garnering a wider audience there is no better way for a mobile app development company than building a dedicated website for the app. The website will also help you create a brand presence with visuals, contents, and interactions. To garner traffic and to take the opportunity of wider audience reach you can do content marketing with your website as well.

When your website regularly or frequently hits the search engine ranks with relevant contents pertaining to your niche, you automatically can generate an audience for your forthcoming app.

  • Create Social Media Buzz

social media (1)

Social media is for everyone and so it allows you to reach out to your target audience without any difficulty. Through consistent and regular social media posts you can connect a lot of people in a small span of time. Social media paid ads also allows you to run campaigns to create a pre-launch buzz about your app.

As there are hundreds of social media platforms, not all of them can be managed by your app team unless you have a robust marketing team and huge resource. So, choose only 3 or 4 social platforms that are most relevant to your app niche and category. Post at regular intervals create posts that can instantly engage people with context-aware messages and diversify your posts with different types of content. Create a social media app page that establishes your brand. Lastly, don’t forget to engage with your audience frequently through comments and other types of interactions.

  • Build an Engaging Landing Page

A landing page offers a robust and highly effective means of marketing on the web. Every successful app when starting with their campaign always builds a beautifully crafted and visually engaging landing page that can instantly sell the app idea and build confidence in users.

The marketing message of the landing page should be aptly put through visuals and crisp text that makes sense to your target audience. Most importantly, make sure the landing page flow and navigation remain thoroughly simple and leave no scope for visual distractions.

  • Outreaching Influencers

To boost the pre-launch hype and buzz and to spread the news about your forthcoming app among the relevant audience, you need to reach out to the industry influencers. A vast majority of users and customers these days are convinced by positive reviews, blog posts and comments by influential persons.

Select some industry experts, bloggers, journalists, media personalities with a keen interest in your app niche and send them press releases with detailed description and unique value proposition of your forthcoming app. To find influencers related to your niche you can also take of tools like FollowerWonk, Klout, Traackr, etc.

  • Perfect Your App Listing

App Store and Play Store are the two app marketplaces that allow several ways to boost the visibility of your app. When you optimise your app listing in these stores, over time you can expect more users to find your app interesting

To optimise app listing across the app marketplaces you need to choose an app name that can be easily found in relation to your niche. Secondly, app description should be brief, but interestingly tell the app story and its unique value proposition. Don’t forget to load the description with some relevant keywords. Use some attractive screenshots, context-aware user images, and a small video to give the user a look and feel of your new app.


All these pre-launch marketing tips are important and to ensure the best results. You cannot make a choice among them, instead, apply them all.

Author Bio: Atman Rathod is the Co-founder at CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd., a leading web and Android app development company with 13+ years of experience. He loves to write about technology, startups, entrepreneurship and business. His creative abilities, academic track record and leadership skills made him one of the key industry influencers as well.


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