New Technologies in the Production of Supercars in 2022

Supercars are the automotive elite, a special caste that simple crossovers cannot keep up with. And the point is not only in the super speeds developed by these sports cars, but also in other technical and running capabilities. Elite sports cars start quickly, pick up speed instantly, are easy to drive and extremely attractive. Supercars are expensive cars, so they are available only to the most successful and wealthy citizens who are able to give hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars for one car.

There are especially many sports cars adapted to road conditions in the UAE. Here, expensive cars easily scurry along the roads. Tourists and visitors to the city can also join the flow by getting behind the wheel of a super-fast car thanks to Lamborghini rent Dubai services. Supercar rentals are a big step forward for society as it makes such luxury items more affordable, convenient and practical for people to indulge in a variety of luxury rental cars to drive around. Why stop at one cool car when you can afford an unlimited number of luxury cars thanks to such amazing rentals. Moreover, rental services are offered for an affordable prices.

In 2022, there will be some interesting technology trends in motorsports. Let’s talk about them in more detail.


Ferrari 296 GTB

Any new Ferrari goes fast and literally takes off, but the most interesting model can be safely called the 296 GTB on a hybrid power plant. For this car, engineers even cut the power of the V6 engine slightly, but thanks to the electric power plant, the total power of the car is still sensational – 819 horsepower. That’s enough to set speed records, and of course the new premium hybrid looks great.

Hyundai Ioniq 6

It’s safe to say that Hyundai is at the peak of its popularity right now – the i30N and i20N are great for any driving style, the Kona N looks impressive, and the Ioniq 5 is a brilliantly realized car with a sea of ​​​​innovation and possibilities. Even the Tucson crossover looks better than any current BMW with more comfort levels. It’s for these reasons that the latest Ioniq 6 sedan should be the pinnacle of the brand’s capabilities, an all-electric car with a streamlined body that showcases the idea of ​​the Prophecy concept. And while cars like the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3 won’t be thrilled by such a competitor in the segment, the market will benefit from this release.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

This year, Porsche engineers must present the world with a new extreme supercar for lovers of perfect road surfaces and high speeds. The 911 GT3 RS (992) will get a huge spoiler with probably insane downforce, gigantic hood openings for air intakes, and a lot of drastic measures to reduce the overall weight of the body. The developers of this car clearly set themselves the goal of raising aerodynamics to the maximum level, and coped with the task perfectly well – the only question is price, speed and acceleration.


The list of the fastest cars in 2022 includes the following cars:

  • Tesla roadster. It accelerates to hundreds in a record 1.9 s. Three electric motors give out a total of 1000 hp. The car is powered by a 200 kWh battery.
  • Tesla Model S Plaid. The power of this electric car is 1020 hp. One battery charge is designed for 627 km. Up to a hundred cars accelerate in less than 2 s.

Gordon Murray Automotive T50

The current year for Gordon Murray Automotive is incredibly important – the automotive brand not only opens a new headquarters, but also launches deliveries of the three-seater T50 supercar. Already this spring, the first hundred lucky ones will receive in their garage a unique sports car aimed at fans of taste, speed and attention to detail. And although the layout with one front and two rear seats for a sports car is rather strange, and the fan in the rear resembles the nozzle of a fighter jet, there are plenty of people who want to get such an exhibit in the collection.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

This crazy hypercar has appeared in the “Most Anticipated Cars” in 2020. And in 2021. Whether it will finally be introduced in 2022, unfortunately, no one knows, but it is certainly one of the most interesting cars on the market today. The Valkyrie boasts an incredibly powerful 1000-horsepower Cosworth V12 engine, a formidable body kit designed to generate maximum downforce, and an impressive price tag.

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