Top 3 Tips To Profit Revolution


It doesn’t matter what business you are promoting online, you are leaving money on your desk that can fall into your pocket. If you listen to then advice will be put to use it correctly. Often, I see that people make these critical mistakes, which in turn will cost them a lot of credit in the long run. By following these simple tips, you can extract more value than your existing prospects and increase your business’ online profits. 

Stop promoting your product on social networks – instead of promoting value items. Imagine this. When you’re at a party you’re meeting and talking to new and old friends. Suddenly, someone you don’t know walks in and their company announces that it has a special sale later this week and we should all watch it now and save some money. 

This probably isn’t working out well, because it’s not the right forum for a sales pitch. Yet these same people jump on Facebook and Twitter and start doing it. One concept I first learned from Perry Marshall is the one that comes to mind. Anyone who buys a drill doesn’t really want a drill, they want a hole. So stop trying to sell them a drill, instead of offering a book about drilling holes. When you get it, it’s pretty easy. Here we have tips and suggestions for Profit Revolution in any business.

Offer People A Chance To Share Your Promotions

“Get it free” is great, but only goes so far. How about, get it for free, but get “that” free by sharing “this” with 3 friends. Use the power of social networking to build your list, and build their trust and respect, that’s the money and you get it by providing value!

Monitor And Practice Building Your Brand On Social Networks

Have a heartfelt conversation with your prospects. For example, reply to your @ replies on Twitter. Build relationships and provide VALUE through knowledge and resources, which will put you in the position of leader in your field. Remember, people do business with people, not companies without faces! This is the key to maximizing your profits online. Try to connect with the people you interact with and build your business network with. Through it, you’ll attract your target market, and with them, their wallets.

Use SLO To Fund Your Online Marketing

An SLO or self-termination offer is a low-cost, high-volume retail product that is usually sold as a “how-to” product. It has two purposes. First, it allows you to build up front capital that can be used to fund advertising campaigns for your core opportunities, and it also enables people to make your core offer. Suppose you are selling $ 1,000 worth of goods. Instead of educating people on your original item, consider proceeding with a $ 30-50 item. 

This could be a video, an ebook, or anything else that costs you less to produce but can cost a lot of lead. Used in conjunction with emotion marketing techniques, a SLO can be a powerful strategy to increase online profits. If you want to find out more about attractive marketing and SLO formation, check out Magnetic Sponsorship.

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