5 Tips to Preserve Your Precious Prom Dress

Prom Dress

For all high-school leavers, the prom

night is a major event of their final year at school. If you choose to wear something special on that occasion, you may invest an elegant outfit that catches everyone’s attention.

Take a Few of the Precautions If You Want Your Prom Dress to Survive the Ordeal:

Allow Breathing Space for the Fabric

A plastic layer is sometimes used to protect the prom dresses. It restricts the fabric from breathing and isn’t good for the environment. You may carry the garment in your hard-wearing garment case; you may opt-out of the plastic cover and get a case for your prom dress. However, the sooner you reach home, you must keep it in the fresh air; it will keep the dress from acquiring musty smells.

Use a Garment Steamer

While your dress is in transit, it stands the risk of being creased, crushed, and crumpled, especially when you make an online purchase. In that case, it might not look good on the day of the event. The sooner it arrives, you must hang it up properly; you must also find time to remove each imperfection by using your garment steamer. Working out the wrinkles is also important, so use your palm in fluffing the layers. You may even opt for some dry-cleaning service in the absence of a garment steamer. It will keep you from experiencing hassles and save your time.

Clean It Before and After Use

Vintage outfits can make you dazzle through the entire prom night. JJ’s House Likewise, designer wear can be a surefire option to add glamour. However, if you want to wear these prom dresses for redefining your style statement, you must hire a professional cleaning service before the event. If you want them to shine, you can’t put them in the washing machine like your other clothes. Even after use, the dress has to be cleaned thoroughly by a professional even if has small creases and stains.

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These marks are bound to be removed faster if you treat them well.

Store It with Care

Garments stores that show you through a vast collection of prom dresses are aware of the care techniques. Regardless of the time for which they store, their dresses are bound to appear pristine. You must try and follow a similar care pattern at home. You may prevent the fabric from fading by keeping them away from direct sunlight. Get an airtight storage box to preserve your prom dress. Such a storage box is a better option than your plastic zipper box as the latter allows moisture to settle inside and crumples your outfit.

Carry It Safely

You won’t like to damage a precious outfit while you’re wearing it. It needs to return to the wardrobe in a single piece and that too without a scar. You must wrap the sensitive areas and keep it properly within the garment bag. Make sure that the embellishments are covered from all sides by some colorless tissue paper that’s free of acid.

One Ultimate Suggestion: Try wearing your dress at the very last minute so that you don’t end up spilling any makeup on it before going out. You’ll need to keep your special designer garments away from lipstick, drinks, hairspray stains and food. Don’t forget its better you prevent damages than curing them.

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