Protect Your Identity: IDShield Review 2021

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With the rise of cybercrime and its increasing sophistication, anyone seems a potential target and victim in waiting. What are you doing to protect yourself from rising cyber threats?

IDShield promises rescue by guaranteeing your peace and security round the clock. But to what extent is this true? Read this comprehensive IDShield Reviews to find out. It takes a closer look at some of the key features this promising antivirus has to help you make an informed decision.


As a trade-off for personal freedom, peace, and security, starting from a small fee of $13, you can get real-time monitoring of how your data is being used in open and dark websites. In fact, you are paying to have the burden and possibility of having your sensitive data frozen by a ransom hacker, removed from your shoulders.

The costs cover for individuals and a family of up to eight children! Furthermore, their service guarantees up to $5 million worth of costs to restore your identity to its pre-theft status in case of a breach. Considering how low the monthly fees are, this is pretty much a bargain.

Deep Scan

The service scans both the open and dark web for instances of your personal information popping up where it shouldn’t be. In addition to court records, payday loan companies, and social media accounts, it monitors your bank and credit card accounts as well as investments.

Judging by the IDShield reviews harvested from their long-term clients, it seems everyone is satisfied with the service at such a lower cost. They are always kept on alert about any data breaches on the internet. This monitoring goes as far as tracking the black market for information related to a client.

Indeed, it is a shield against malware, phishing, spamming, among other client-targeted viruses.

Cancellation Process

If the signing up process was a long one, think of the canceling process. It’s a very long and complicated process. To be able to get off the platform and ensure there will be no monthly service fees being deducted from your accounts, you have to first write an email to them with your intended request. Often, you will get an auto-response email acknowledging the receipt of your email.

After at least 24 hours, you get a reply from them. But in any case, you would end up being asked to call their department to discuss any queries you may have. After that lucky escape from the service, IDShield never removes you from its mailing list about their products and services even when you have not indicated the willingness to continue receiving messages from them.

Interface and Features

The website interface is on point, and it’s quite easy for a newbie to get started.

IDShield also has a mobile application that allows the client to get access to the dashboard anytime. However, the security features of the app lack a 2- factor verification process, which means any form of compromise with the password will give access to the wrong hands.

A credit-improvement simulator or 24/7 tech support should have been provided. This would help clients with their online and off-hours queries. So far, they provide this service from 7 am to 7 pm. More should be done in this area.

Above all, they remain one of the few best service providers available to clients in North America.

Signing-Up Process

Unlike other IDShield Reviews, we’ll just be honest. Compared to other antivirus solutions, IDShield’s sign up process seems unfairly long and awkward. Their sign-up form should have skipped asking some less relevant details and capture the important ones. Honestly, pet names?

We believe they should have designed the process in such a way that one is quickly taken to the dashboard, and then some of this requested information will come in as infills from their data tracking and monitoring activities.

Think of the older adults who are trying to sign-up on the platform. They may find it difficult to complete the process, especially considering that patience isn’t one of their strongest virtues.

More needs to be done in redesigning the sign-up process.

What needs to be improved?

Hopefully, there will be a credit reimbursement service soon to help reduce the fears surrounding identity theft. So far, there is still a gap between identity restoration and credit reimbursement. It will be an absolute delight to get this service at an almost similar price!

IDShield has been in the market for 40 good years. According to previous IDShield reviews, their clients are mostly satisfied. Most notably, they enjoy that first opportunity to chat with real and licensed investigators. It gives them the satisfaction that all potential culprits will be brought to justice, and their names cleared!

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