Pyramat Gaming Chair Review


Playing video games on the PC or a video console has become an addiction, mostly among youngsters who are oblivious of the health hazards visiting them in the long run. This addiction can have far-reaching consequences. But help is on the way. Gaming Chairs are doing the rounds. These chairs are meant for playing video games on a PC or a video game console. The Pyramat gaming chair range is both aesthetically appealing, and ideal for comfort too.

Those players for whom health and comfort are important will definitely consider buying one. Most of the models will provide everything from a surround sound system to the ergonomic design such that those sitting for long hours are not confronted with back pain or such discomforts. Vibrating backrests feature in some of the models too. Manufacturers are always trying to add features that make the user even more comfortable.

There are several different models in the Pyramat range. These include the Pyramat Pm420w Sound Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair, Pyramat Gamebag 21 Gaming Chair, Pyramat Pm1900 Cobra Gaming Chair, Pyramat Game Bag 2.1 and many more. Each of them is subtly different from the other. Suffice it to say, however, that each model provides what the gamer or player needs, and that is comfort par excellence while at the PC or the video console playing their favorite games and enjoying them for long hours without discomfort.

Some models are meant for those who prefer sitting on the floor. This type will be comfortably resting on the floor having the same features as those that have the swivel chair features with five wheels. The back sits smugly on the curve of the chair, thus providing total comfort. The neck support is another feature that takes care of the neck which is a casualty while playing computer games for long hours.

The controllable sound system provides a soothing experience by surrounding the whole area. If one likes cacophony it provides that as well – one just needs to play it at full volume. The sound can be shifted to any side be it left, right or all around. Utilizing the unique Audio Response Technology (ARX) the vibrations that these models provide are synchronized with the music one listens to – a well thought out and unique feature indeed.

Another advantage is that all the models are designed in such a way that they are space savers. In fact, they can be neatly folded. This is a great help where there are space constraints. They are wireless fitted with rechargeable batteries and rightly so as wired gaming chairs would certainly not provide the desired comfort.

Moreover, they are easy to install and come with simple instructions that anyone can follow. Most of the models are exquisitely designed and add to the decor of the living room or the area where one plays.

There will be a wireless transmitter or a cable. This needs to be plugged into the computer through the headphone jack. When switched on this communicator will transmit information to the chair. All the features will now come alive giving the player an out of the world experience.

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