Qualities Of A Professional Real Estate Agent

Successful Real Estate Agent

Nowadays with urbanization, the cities have become the hub of industries. As time progresses, more and more people are shifting to urban centers to capitalize on growth opportunities. That’s why consistent uptick is being marked in the real estate schemes to accommodate the influx of population.

Hence, the employment rate in the real estate sector is all set to increase by seven percent by 2028.

With a high demand for real estate properties, the demand for real estate agents is also increasing simultaneously. Therefore if you want to dive into this career then the timing is perfect for you.

Getting a real estate license won’t make you successful in your career First you need to have proper real estate license training. You also need certain traits and characteristics to become a successful real estate agent. Since the competition is very high in the industry, you need to work hard to emerge as the top performer in the orange real estate sector of your country.

Following are the Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Agent:

Flawless Communication

It is no surprise that the real estate market is greatly time-bound. In other words, prices can fluctuate fast in the economy, hence leading to uncertainty. Therefore, clients always try to carefully pick an agent who can keep them updated about the minute details. Because they know that a good deal can be lost within a marginal period. If you are a good communicator, you can easily get-away from such blunders and win the trust of clients for prospects.

Real estate agents are typically pretty active in communicating every detail with their clients when they kickstart their careers. But, a few years down the road, they start to shy away from sharing minor details with the customers. Make sure you don’t get caught up in the same tendency. The reason being, what seems insignificant information to you might hold great weight in the eyes of your customers.

Communication is an art. You will learn many tips and tricks when you gain more experience. But there are some fundamental things you always need to take care of:

Be a Good Listener

As soon as the conversation begins, put your customers on the driving seat. It is a good way to give more importance to your clients so that you can gather maximum details that way.

Be Attentive

Be it an email, text message or phone call, keep them on hold until customers have finished talking.

 Body Language

Eye contact is a prominent way to convey that you are interested in what the person on the other side of the table is saying.

Knowledge About The Local Area

Buyers have plenty of things on their minds when they start shopping around for a property. Depending on the lifestyle, some people would want a house that is located within the walking distance of the bus route. While others may look for a house with easy access to the activity grounds. This is just one example.

You can expect clients to ask you a bunch of mind-boggling questions. After all, investing in a house is no small thing. So if you are not well-versed about the whereabouts of the local area, you are in for an embarrassing situation.

Apart from that, many localities operate according to their specific rules and regulations. It is pertinent for a real estate agent to keep himself updated about them as well. Among other things, factors like the number of schools, crime rate, and public parks also chip in while evaluating the final price of the property.

If you have just moved to a new city, take your time to understand these key elements of the respective neighborhood before engaging with clients.


Everybody dreams of owning a home one day which they can be proud of. So if somebody is relying upon you to help them purchase a house, he is perhaps risking the savings of his whole life. This is the main reason why you should never manipulate a naïve client.

It is instinctive for a seller to set up an unrealistic price for his house. As an agent, you must have guts to correct him then and there. While this attitude may not go down well with some, it can leave a deep mark of your integrity on many customers. The petty gain of a few dollars is nothing compared to the impeccable reputation you earn by being brutally honest.


Real estate agents are their bosses. Meaning, they don’t have to operate under the tight-window of nine am to five pm. But if you want to compete with those ten percent agents who are earning 90000 dollars or more then you must be occasionally prepared to work at odd hours even.

For various reasons, some clients would be in the state of flurry to sell their property. You can’t keep them in the loop for long or else they will end up contacting your rival. Flexibility holds the key here. All said and done, you are sure to lose potential clients if you don’t give up on one-dimensional timing.

Well-versed About Technology

Technology has penetrated every profession and real estate is no exception. In all odds, people will first visit your website before reaching out to you. So you should invest on a robust website right from the start.

To be more illustrative, the following features are indispensable to an attractive real estate website:

  • Incorporate high-quality photos. Being visual creatures, humans can’t help being enticed by a beautiful picture. If you had a knack for photography back in the day, it is time to make the most of these skills.
  • The website must have a mobile-centric design so that people can navigate through listings on the go.
  • Try to write a weekly blog. It will communicate your authority on the subject and you will invite trust like anything.

Stay Organized

There are occurrences when agents have to deal with multiple clients within a limited time frame. If you are not well-organized, meetings and excessive paperwork can easily take a toll on you and you will lose your energy. Things get even worse when you don’t have a personal conveyance and rely on public transport.

So what is the way out? Well, the best option is to organize things in advance and set a priority list to get things done in a proper manner. Use mobile applications to create a daily checklist to keep you on top of your schedule.

A Friendly Personality

A friendly personality is one of the most important assets of a real estate agent. Unless you are easy-going, people will be uncomfortable in your presence. Don’t assume that it is not your cup of tea because you are not an extrovert. By all means, it is possible to groom to be a friendly, sociable person without being overly expressive.


Have you always been awed by the lifestyle of a successful real estate agent? Guess what, you have a real chance to be like them. All you have to do is to adopt the characteristics of a successful real estate agent to ensure success in your career. Once you have adopted these qualities in your personality, there is no way you can fail as a real estate agent.

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