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So, you are on the quest for the deft PHP developers for your big-scale project. You’ve come to the right place as here you will discover guidelines for hiring.

Building your own website is a critical task. And, when you want a high-grade performance, you want the best development team and tools to accelerate the entire process. You can’t settle for less when it comes to these two things. So, the decision for hiring the proficient developers should not be taken in a hurry.

To choose the expert PHP developer from a large pool is obviously an intimidating task. Especially, when you’re a non-technical person, the hiring becomes even more difficult. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you out.

Do you want to filter the best talent for your new PHP development project? If so, then it is mandatory to inquire some set of questions from the developers before hiring. Through this, you can gauge the potential of the developers in minutes.

So, let’s take a deep rundown to know those essential questions. Here they are:

Question 1- For how long you’ve been into the PHP development?

Ans:- Remember, the experienced developers offer top-notch PHP development solutions. Also, they’re versed with the different techniques necessary for the web development and its implementation. It would be a smart move if you hire PHP developers from the companies, which are equipped with better resources and techniques.

Question 2- Can you provide me some work samples of your previous projects?

Ans:- To get an idea of their work supremacy, we suggest you to ask for their previous work for the clients. By going through their samples, you can find out their potency to handle your project as well their quality of the deliverable, if you hire them.

Question 3- What technologies will your PHP developers use for the web development?

Ans:- A highly functional website that you need for your business might be different from the sample projects that you’ve gone through. So, make sure that the developers must be skilled in what you want particularly for your website. You can inquire about the frameworks they will be using, and check if it matches with your idea. Have round of discussions with the PHP experts until you get assurance that the work will be handled efficiently.

Question 4- Can I speak with some of your past clients?

Ans:- It is the second most common way to examine the performance level of the PHP developers. Talking with their previous clients can give you a gist of how fine they’ve performed in their projects. If they’ve all the nice things to say about the PHP developers, then you can hire them without a doubt.

Question 5- What is your service cost?

Ans:- This is an extremely vital question to be asked from your end. Always ask the rough estimate for the web development, and the additional charges for the minor and major modifications. You should know beforehand that what are the charges in the case of an urgent project completion. Plus, you should check their service packages carefully, so you can pick the one that your pocket


Question 6- What level of input you want from my side?

Ans:- No matter how competent the PHP developers are, they always need the client’s involvement to build a functional website. There will going to be a lot of iterations to finish the project efficaciously. They will inform you from the start that they’ll need your valuable inputs, but in case, they don’t then they’re not reliable for your project.

Question 7- What’s your communication process with the clients?

Ans:- Good and regular communication helps in building a long-lasting relationship with the clients. It is quite obvious that when you hire a PHP developer, you need the progress report of your project. For this, it is necessary that the developers establish a point of connection with their clients via mail, chat, or Skype. So, you should hire someone, who can give you a follow up of the project’s development.

Question 8- What is the stipulated timeframe for the project completion?

Ans:- You should put up this question from the PHP developers before signing the deal. Just inquire from them that what time will it take to complete your requirements. Also, see if they make a division of the project in parts, so you will get to know the project’s progress timely.

Question 9- Do you offer after-development service?

Ans:- We all understand the importance of after services for the website. If you find any difficulty while operating any part of your site, then this kind of service will be of great use. Plus, the site demands regular updates, which is covered in this service. So, you should inquire this thing well in advance from the PHP developers.

Final Notes

So, that’s all about the interviewing session for the PHP developers. We advise you not to miss out any question mentioned here from asking the concerned person.

Keep in mind that, when you hire a PHP developer who is dynamic in his work, you will be assured that the quality development will take place on time. So, these important list of questions should be given preference while interviewing any PHP developer.

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Tom Hardy is an ardent PHP developer associated with Sparx IT Solutions for several years. He has immense exposure in tackling PHP projects of a diverse mix of business verticals. In his free time, he likes to read tech magazines, and write blog posts on the recent upgrades in the PHP development.

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