Quick and Easy Tips on How to Take an Awesome Selfie


With the increased change and evolution, the technology has come up with the use of smartphones which have outdone the ancient phones. The smartphones have, therefore become so popular and common to people since they help them access social media where they interact and share ideas.

Taking of selfies then has also become a trend since everyone wants to have their pictures in the social media walls. A selfie is a self- portrait type of image which is taken using a smartphone or using a selfie stick. Follow the following steps for you to have the best selfie;

1. Look Up Towards The Camera

This will make the selfie be portrait. Remember to raise your eyebrows slightly so that they may seem larger. Taking a selfie with a gloomy face will make the mood of the selfie sad, so try and put on a beautiful smile. A smile will brighten the selfie. Smile like you mean it.

2. Extend Your Head Away From The Neck

One needs to take a selfie in a relaxed manner. Therefore, it is advisable to extend the head away from the neck. This makes one appear as if they have a longer neck. Again it also makes one have a sharper jawline than normal. Alternatively, one should push his or her shoulders down to give the impression of relaxation and comfort. This way, the selfie gets to be clear since the body parts are well relaxed.

3. Hold The Phone To The Side

Many people tend to hold the smartphone in front of them and thus produce poor quality selfies. One needs to hold the phone by the side to ensure it is at a flawless angle.

4. Exhale And Relax The Mouth

Mostly when you don’t breathe the air out when taking a selfie, it will come out with your mouth tense. To avoid this ensure you breathe out air and blow the air through your lips. This also gives one a full-rounded shape.

5. Avoid Shadows

To avoid shadows appearing in your selfie, take them during sunrise or sunset when there is little light. If it is during the day, face the sun or avoid it completely. Shadows do not give a good impression as they darken the picture and thus change its look. Do not turn the flash on when taking selfies during the day since there is natural light. It is meant for use in dark places.


Selfies make a big percentage of the photos found on social media. They are addictive, and thus if you don’t take selfies of good quality, they will not attract your viewers. Normally, people take as many selfies as possible but only to choose one in which they post on their walls, making the others useless.

To avoid this kind of work, use the right and the correct tips on how to take selfies. Again choose the best view, maybe it’s a scene you want to capture. This will attract your viewers as it will be more beautiful and appealing to the eyes. Also, make sure that the smartphone you are using is of high quality with an excellent camera to ensure the selfies produced are of good quality.

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