How to create or updates Salesforces Account in New QB Customer

RSSBus Connect can flawlessly interface Quickbooks to Salesforce. The accompanying example venture exhibits how you can utilize diverse ports in RSSBus Connect to mechanize the way toward taking a QuickBooks support Online Customer and embeddings it into Salesforce as an Account. The example will survey QuickBooks for new Customer records and upsert them into Salesforce.

Drop in the Sample Quickbooks-to-Salesforce venture

To begin with the example, download and introduce RSSBus Connect (free 30-day preliminary). At that point download the example task and concentrate and duplicate the substance to the “information” organizer in the establishment area for RSSBus Connect.

For Windows establishments, this will probably be C:Program FilesRSSBusRSSBus Connect. It would be ideal if you counsel the documentation for the Java work of RSSBus Connect for Linux/Unix/Mac establishments.

Survey QuickBooks for new Customers

Snap the green QuickBooks Connect catch to open an OAuth session with Quickbooks and design the email or client ID and secret phrase fields on the QuickBooks site.

Design the Connection to QuickBooks

The QuickBooks port has been designed with a default yield format for QuickBooks Customers. This format has been arranged to survey QuickBooks for new Customers that have been added to QuickBooks inside the previous 24 hours. The application will produce another XML record for each line in the database that is handled.

In the event that you open the layout record, you can see the rationale controlling the question, where the setting skipProcessedRows=’true’ keeps the application from pulling in information that has been recently recovered and WHERE MetaData_LastUpdatedTime >= DATEADD(‘day’, – 1, GETDATE()) limits the inquiry to the latest information.

Arrange the Query for QuickBooks Customers

You can tap the run image beside an individual format to run that particular inquiry, or snap the run image in the Output Templates window to run every one of them in progression. The port has just been designed to survey the Salesforce account on a planned interim, which can be found in the Settings tab under the Automation Settings segment.

Recover the Customers from QuickBooks

When the port has recovered the information and created a XML document, the outcome will be sent to the MAP_QB_to_SF port.

Mapping QuickBooks Customers to Salesforce Accounts

The mapping port MAP_QB_to_SF can be utilized to change over the XML record containing the QuickBooks Customer into a XML document with qualities and labels coordinating the layout for a Salesforce Account. At the point when yield record from the QuickBooks port has been set into the mapping ports Send envelope, tapping the Send catch will process the document.

In the wake of changing over the document to coordinate the segments in the Salesforce database, the XML record that is created will be consequently sent to the Salesforce port to anticipate further preparing.

Upsert the Account in Salesforce

Design the username, secret word, and record ID fields in the Salesforce port Settings tab to associate with Salesforce.

Arrange the Connection to Salesforce

In your Salesforce port, you can utilize new XML document found in your Send organizer to either embed or refresh client records in Salesforce. In the transfer format, you can indicate a key to be utilized to decide if the section will be embedded or refreshed. RSSBus Connect will analyze the esteem set as the way to the current passages in your Salesforce account.

Set the Key to Determine Whether an Account Exists or Not

RSSBus Connect first verifies whether there is any Account record in Salesforce where the Name coordinates the Customer from QuickBooks Payroll support, as these segments are utilized to particularly distinguish an Account and Customer. On the off chance that there is as of now such a record, the application refreshes the record with the new information.

On the off chance that there is no coordinating record, the application rather embeds the record into Salesforce. Much the same as with the QuickBooks port, this port has just been arranged to naturally process new records added to the Send organizer. You can see these alternatives in the Settings tab under the Automation Settings area.

More Information and Next Steps

As should be obvious, with RSSBus Connect, it is conceivable to robotize your cloud information accounts, coordinating QuickBooks Online information straightforwardly into Salesforce. RSSBus Connect likewise empowers a lot more Quickbooks to Salesforce (and the other way around) mechanizations. For more data on RSSBus Connect, visit our landing page. Download your free, 30-day preliminary and begin controlling your business report trade today!

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